What Lies Between You & Your Lover? Today I drew shuffled the deck and drew 3 cards at random from the Major Arcana. My question: “What lies between me and meeting my soulmate?” This reading is created with the intention of being a snapshot into my relationship (or yours). Card one represents you. Card two represents […]

  1. ו Procul, O procul este profani. 2. Bahlasti! Ompehda! 3. In the name of the Mighty and Terrible One, I proclaim that I have banished the Shells unto their habitations. 4. I invoke Tahuti, the Lord of Wisdom and of Utterance, the God that cometh forth from the Veil. 5. O Thou! Majesty […]

Beginners Black Magic and Occult Ritual Preparations MAIN POINTS COVERED IN THIS VIDEO The key for now, is to have an altar, a cloth and a candle. The rest you will build in time: Obtain some black candles if possible. Unless you have very good eyesight, you may need more than just candlelight to read […]

Witches Used Plants achieving Baneful Purposes Hecate, the Grecian goddess of the infernal regions, presided over magic and enchantment. She was acquainted with the properties of every herb, and imparted this knowledge to her daughters Medea and Circe. To this trio of classical Witches were specially consecrated the following herbs:—The Mandrake, the Deadly Nightshade, the […]

Spiritual Baths/Showers Removing Casting Black Magic I’ve had a few questions about Spiritual Showers instead of a spiritual bath, so here is video on this question for you 🙂 https://youtu.be/w9nG8erIhC8   Some spiritual situations are incredibly complex. Herbs like hyssop combined with agrimony and rue are an excellent place to start. This is a simple […]

Are you devoted to Isis? Isis was, in Egyptian mythology, goddess of fertility and motherhood. She was the daughter of the god Keb (Earth) and his wife/sister the goddess Nut (Sky). She was the sister-wife of Osiris, judge of the dead, and mother of Horus, god of day. She is described in ancient writings as […]

Spell Bringing New Love Items: 1 white candle and one in your favourite color – Two candle holders – Rose colored altar cloth a Piece of red chalk.   Ritual: In the circle, ground and center. Meditate on all preconceived ideas you have about the perfect partner. You might have a certain person in mind […]

Demons product list In the course “Working With Demons” (WWD), I take the students through the easiest methods ever to have actually contact with these ancient powerful spirits.  Some of the tools needed for these Demon Communication methods, I will list below. I have made two list, as I know it’s difficult when you start a […]

The Vortex/Best Meditation Achieving Spiritual Awakening Even just listening to this recording, you are negating your karma, and your chakras are  brought into balance, as the last mantras are bija mantras for the chakras.   Listen to over 200 different mantras on this powerful meditation. The cd starts with a mantra saying… I’m the divine vessel and […]