Candle Magick

BMW advice on working various Candle Types

This section is a work in progress! We aim to share lots of tips for burning your sympathetic magick candles on these pages. So make sure you book mark this page and come back often!

Candle Types


Candle Burn Times

The rate at which a candle burns will vary, depending on conditions.

  • A candle burning in a cold environment will burn more slowly.
  • A candle burning in a warm environment will burn more quickly.

Whether or not the candle is in a holder, what type of holder, whether there is a cross draft, whether it is fixed (anointed with oils or herbs) or plain, whether you are staring at it intently, how long it is burned at a time, all effects the burn time and rate.

The Image Candles will vary a great deal. We have seen image candles burn quite cleanly and slowly, and also burn at great speed and drip absolutely all over the place.

How your candle burns can be an indication of the progress and success of your working.

Candle Carving

  • When carving any candle, be sure to inscribe only deep enough to make an impression, never carve so deep as to touch or break the wick.
  • A candle with a damaged or severed wick will not burn.

Candle Annoiting

  • When anointing a candle with oil, one need not and should not drench the candle. A few drops will suffice, only enough to lightly cover the candle.
  • If pressing herbs into the wax of a candle after anointing, remember: less is more. Each individual leaf or chunk of root can be drawn into the burning wax and become a wick!

Candle Burn Warnings and Tips

  • Do not burn a candle within reach of flammable items, children, or curious pets.
  • Always burn candles in a proper holder to avoid leakage.
  • Remove all packaging from a candle before burning.
  • Do not leave a burning candle unattended (exception is of course, jar candles, however ensure the above tips are considered.

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