Skull Candles

The Skull Candle


For Healing

For the most part, Skull Candles are burned for healing. The idea is that the Skull represents Death or disease, and by burning the candle, one banishes this influence. Many workers choose a Skull Candle in lieu of a full Figure Candle: to represent a person in particular, or one’s own self.

For Hexing

One may also burn Skull Candles for malefic purposes: to control, to bind, to hex, to curse, to vex.


Red Skull

One may burn a Red Skull Candle to control a lover, or otherwise mess with a romantic partner’s mind.

In this instance, the skull represents the intended target.

Inscribe the candle with the personal information of the victim, and anoint with Controlling OilBlack Arts OilInflammatory Confusion Oil – any malefic oil to coincide with the working.


  • 5” High, 3” Wide

green skull

One may burn a Green Skull Candle for prosperity. In this case, the Skull represents one’s self or another person, and should be inscribed as such.

Idea: Anoint the candle with any variety of Prosperity Oil, and fume with Money Drawing Incense blend.



  • 5” High, 3” Wide

One may burn a Black Skull Candle to banish the most dire of illnesses (see white skull), or to stave off Death itself. In this instance, the skull represents Death.

Anoint the candle with Banishing Oil, and fume the candle with Banishing Incense.

One may burn small amounts of Vesta Powder (Chasing Powder) in the sick room, if possible.


White Skull

One may burn a White Skull Candle for healing. Though black skull candles are most usually burned for this purpose, some are adverse to burning black candles – hence the White Skull Candle.

In this instance, the skull represents the ill person. Inscribe the candle with the personal information of the ill one, and anoint with Healing Oil. Fume the candle (and sick room, if possible) with Healing Incense.

NOTE – If performing the healing spell for another person, the candle does not have to be burned in the presence of the ill one to be effective.


Reversible Skull Candle

Black outside/Red Inside

 Reversible Skull Candles are burned to reverse crossed conditions: to break a hex, and send the ill will back to its originator. One may also burn a Reversible Skull Candle to reverse crossed conditions in general, as one would burn a Reversible Jumbo Candle. In this case, the skull represents one’s self. Anoint with Reversible Oil, and fume with either Agrimony or Reversible Incense.

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