BMW Free Tarot Reading Course 2018

Hello everyone

The Tarot cards are not a prerequisite in learning Witchcraft. We receive so many emails asking for advice on learning the tarot. Questions ranging from “how do I choose a tarot card deck?” to “How do I do a tarot card spread”, and most frequently, “What does (xyz) tarot card mean?”

So I decided to share with you our system of reading the cards.There are seventy-eight cards divided into two distinct sets: The Major Arcana, consisting of twenty-two major trumps, and the Minor Arcana, made up of four suits of fourteen, totaling fifty-six individual cards. It is really about understanding the STORY and IMAGES of the cards.

The purpose of this free online tarot course is:

  • To understand the overall story or journey of the tarot cards
  • To understand the meaning and purpose of all the cards in the tarot deck
  • Provide you with a few tarot card spreads so you can begin reading cards on your own or for other people.
  • To feel confident in giving your own tarot card readings – for yourself and for others

Course Tools:

  • A Tarot Card Deck- You will need to work with your own deck
  • Tarot Book/s – Optional, as it will be your choice if you want  to also work from a book (suggested books are listed below).
  • A journal – electronic or paper, it will be up to you

Suggested Study Time:

I believe you should schedule time in your diary RIGHT NOW for your tarot study. If you don’t schedule the time, it will not happen. I suggest you choose one of the following study plans:

  • 2 hours once a week
  • 1/2 hr x 4 days per week

Once you have scheduled your tarot study time, let’s continue!

If you can focus on taking the time to connect with the cards BEFORE you buy books or HOW TO guides, then you will become more connected and relate to the cards FASTER.

Suggestions on books:

You don’t have to buy a book for this course. In fact we suggest you don’t. You will need a standard deck of tarot cards, if you don’t already have some. Recommended basic tarot card decks for beginners are:

  1. Rider-waite Tarot Deck By Pamela Colman Smith
  2. Robin Wood Tarot By Robin Wood
  3. Morgan-greer Tarot Deck By Greer  Morgan
  4. Tarot Bible By Sarah Bartlett
  5. Complete Book Of Tarot Spreads By Burger & Fiebig

I hope your enjoy this 12 week course, and will give me some feedback on what I missed, or perhaps, what requires more detail.

Blessed be,

Teachers: Raven & Edwin

Contributors: Blonde Gypsy & BW Savannah

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“If our minds are glorious mansions,

and our spirits are the surrounding landscape,

then the Tarot is a doorway

revealing a wide realm of ever-increasing

beauty, insight, and mystical experience.”

–Avia Venefica


Week 1 –  The Classic 78 Card Deck

Week 2 – The Major Arcana 

Week 3 – The Major Arcana 

Week 4 – Wands 

Week 5 – Cups 

Week 6 – Swords 

Week 7 – Pentacles

Week 8 – Simple Tarot Spells

Week 9 –  Creating The Story

Week 10 – Tarot Spreads Part 1

Week 11 – Tarot Spreads Part 2

Week 12 – Some Basic Guidelines for Giving Tarot Readings

Resources & Links:

Symbol meaning on tarot cards

The meaning of the Tarot Card Number

External Websites to Reference:

Tarot Card Meanings & Readings – external website


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