Welcome to lesson 5

How did you find the 3 card reading with the 1-10 of Wands added to the Major Arcana? Did it feel like it added another dimension?

Now we will move on now with the 1-10 of Cups.

Don’t forget it is OK to use your book to help you!!

This lesson focuses on the numbered cards for the suit of Cups, and as so many of us consult the Tarot cards about our love life and relationships; this is a particularly important suit to feel comfortable with. So lets see what the suit of Cups is all about!!

The numbered cards 1-10 of the Suit of Cups

Just to remind you, the Minor Arcana cards generally refer to practical issues and the more everyday or mundane events in our lives.

The 56 Minor Arcana cards can be used separately for a reading or within the full Tarot deck.


The second suit of the Minor Arcana is the Cups.

This suit is associated with the element Water, the cup represents our ability to contain and manage our emotions and feelings. The cup can be empty or full and its contents can be an elixir or a poison. Cups represent the emotional elements and spiritual experience in our lives, affairs of the heart, love and relationships.

  • Positive attitudes associated with this suit are creativity, contentment, love, compassion, understanding and happiness.
  • Negative attitudes associated with Cups are lust, jealousy, hate and sadness.

For all of the Minor Arcana suits I will simply be focusing on the key words and values associated with each of the numbered cards.

Take out from your deck the numbered cards 1-10 of Cups and keep the remaining cards wrapped in your cloth.

Like you have done in previous lessons, focus on the first card, the Ace of Cups, and try to memorize some of the key words associated with the card. Make notes of any words or symbols you get from the card before moving onto the next one. Do this until you have completed all 10 cards.

Here are some key words to get you started

Ace of Cups

– Water
– positive: contentment, faithfulness, creativity – negative: barrenness, lost love, despair

2 of Cups

– Love
– positive: partnership, love, understanding – negative: separation, divorce, betrayal

3 of Cups

– Abundance
– positive: fertility, happiness, creativity
– negative: sex without love, self obsession, exploitation

4 of Cups

– Blended Pleasure
– positive: re-evaluation, familiarity
– negative: fatigue, overindulgence, depression

5 of Cups

– Loss in pleasure
– positive: reassessment
– negative: worry, futility, sense of loss, bad luck

6 of Cups

– Pleasure
– positive: harmony, happy memories, the past shaping the future – negative: nostalgia and inability to face reality

7 of Cups

– Illusionary success
– positive: imagination, choice, aspirations
– negative: self-delusion, deception in matters of love

8 of Cups

– Abandoned success
– positive: change, breaking of ties, development
– negative: restlessness, dissatisfaction, unrealistic goals

9 of Cups

– Material happiness
– positive: emotional stability, kindliness, happiness
– negative: complacency, vanity, finding fault in others

10 of Cups

– Perpetual success
– positive: commitment, peace, love
– negative: antisocial behaviour, disruption of routine

Practical Exercise

-now extract the Major Arcana from your deck and then add the 10 cards of the Wands suit and the 10 cards of the Cups suit, shuffle well and pick 3 cards, and yes you’ve guessed it!!

Practice the 3 card reading with these extra cards, and again write your reading in your notebook.

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