Holiday Gift Ideas Under $10

It’s holiday season, no matter what religion or magical tradition you follow. While you have many choices for online shopping, here at BMW we like these “witchy” gift ideas for under $10.

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Great Secret Santa Ideas Under $10

Money Drawing Writing Kit

Something Unique?

To give someone a gift of a golden bottle is to wish them a future of wealth.

Gold Flakes Bottle

3.5oz Uplifting Tulsi Saucha Soap

For Your Witch & Pagan Friends

Give them something they will remember you by, every time they use it and for years to come. Like a herb grinder, or a pentagram cookie stamp. Forever for under $10.

2″ Herb Grinder

Pentagram Cookie Stamp

Don’t Forget Your LHP & Occult Friends

Baphomet Goat Amulet

6″ Wood Handled Athame


What Will Happen Next Year?

Pendulums are easy to use and fun for social situations too. Runes are a must have classic. Reading the future was originally performed with playing cards, and the Gypsy Witch kit can teach you how to use playing cards for this purpose.

Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Card By Mlle Lenormand (attributed)

Wood Rune Set

Smudge away holiday bad vibes

Cleanse cleanse cleanse. And get your loved ones into the habit. That way when you visit them, you can relax too in positive energy!

White Sage Kit Smudge

5 Pack Palo Santo Smudge Sticks & Oil

Change the Energy – Give Your Friends the Energy Vibration They Need!

You know what I am talking about. That friend who is constantly talking about the ex boyfriend and her broken heart but does nothing about it. Yawn. Give her a rose quartz bracelet and charge it with positive vibes to heal her heart!

Rose Quartz Palm Stone


Fashion Forward Witches

Check out these super beauties under $10. The mala beads are both functional AND they look FAB as a bracelet or necklace.

Tibetian Mala


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