Holiday Gift Ideas Under $20

It’s holiday season, no matter what religion or magical tradition you follow. While you have many choices for online shopping, and here at BMW we like these “witchy” gift ideas between $10 and $20. I have highlighted some interesting finds from our store which I just love. The most popular items from our book section this time of year are calendars and almanacs. These are usually only available for a limited time before the New Year. Be quick as these items move FAST. 2019 Santa Muerte Calendar By Llewellyn 2019 Witches Calendar By Llewellyn 2019 Alchemy Gothic Calendar By Llewellyn 2018 Astrological Calendar By Llewellyn

Holiday Party Ideas

Test yourself and your friends to see if you have ESP (Extra-sensory Perception Clairvoyance), or help develop the skill with this wonderful set of cards specifically designed for this purpose.
Esp Test Cards (50 Cards)
Palmistry Hand

Gifts For Creative Friends

Did you know that you can make your own tarot deck? That’s right! Make your own tarot with these 80 blank cards sized to the dimensions of a traditional tarot card set. Use your own blend of symbolism, runes, or traditional tarot imagery to enhance your divination.
Make Your Own Tarot By U.s. Game Systems

Gifts For Witchy Friends

All witches need a pink cauldron right? Or perhaps a stunning purple mortar and pestle set for crush those special herbs. Maybe not all witches, but I sure do. And skulls make a perfect gift for all witches and occultists alike.
3″ Pink Cast Iron Cauldron
3 1-2″ X 2 1-2″ Purple Soapstone Mortar & Pestle
4 1-2″ Steampunk Skull
Satanic Pentagram Altar Cloth or Flag

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