Holiday Gift Ideas Under $30

Gifts in this $20 to $30 price range give you many great choices. As a witch myself, I think a mojo bag is such a lovely present. Our mojo bags are pre-made and come with instructions, so there is no confusion about what to do with it! The material and contents of each bag are consecrated and cleared of all harmful energy or that energy that may be contrary to the purpose of the bag. Each bag comes with a beautifully detailed card which is complete with a suggested ritual use.

What is a mojo bag?

A Mojo Bag (also commonly called a Gris-Gris Bag, Spell Bag, Spell Pouch, Sprit Bag or Trick Bag) is a talisman or an amulet that protects or aids the wearer and brings the energies of its varied components to bear on a specific purpose. There are many combinations of the herbs, oils, stones, bones, small artifact, piece of mirror, magnet or lodestone, nails, etc. Sometimes these bags will also include trinkets of special value or power unique to the practitioner. The contents of the bag, including the color of the bag can vary greatly from tradition to tradition and even from one practitioner in a given path to another practitioner in the same path.

Regardless of the path or spiritual tradition of the individual practitioner it has always been important to link each to the personal   energies of the wearer. Typically this is done by adding a single drop or other small portion of tear, sweat etc, from the wearer to the cloth of the bag. The binding to the wearer could is also achieved in some traditions by adding an eye lash, strand of hair, nail clipping or other such piece to the bag contents.

Placing the bag under your pillow for a night while you sleep is used in some magic traditions to bind the energy bound in the bag to the wearer without the need for physical binding.

In many magical traditions once a bag has been bound or activated for a specific wearer it is not to be opened or touched, or the contents touched, by any save the wearer. Doing so can interrupt the energies of the bag and weaken or destroy the magic.

Come To Me Mojo Bag

Love Drawing (attraction Amour) Mojo Bag

Be Well (en Sante) Mojo Bag

Fast Luck (chance Rapide) Mojo Bag

Kits are a great way to learn something new, plus they look wonderful as a gift. These divination kits will be well received by anyone into magic!

Runes: Gods Magical Alphabet (deck & Book) By Bianca Luna

Runes: Gods Magical Alphabet (deck &Book) By Bianca Luna


Spell casting kits are also well priced PLUS they come with everything you need to cast a spell including instructions. Money and love are common kits people love the most!

Money Drawing Boxed Ritual Kit

Money Drawing Ritual Kit

Money Drawing Writing Kit

Attract Soulmate Ritual Kit


If your special person already has divination tools and spell casting goodies, consider something really different

Feather Quill Writing Ritual Kit

Ritual Calligraphic Set By Lo Scarabeo

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