How to Sell your Soul to the Devil

The rituals of selling the soul to the devil are performed individually and its result therefore depends solely on the way in which it is carried out. In making a pact with the devil, if one wants to acquire an optimal result, the individual’s willingness and faith are essential and he must be fully aware of details of the covenant and above all be spiritually and psychologically prepared.

The first way:

The first form presented to us requires a compulsory act of bathing before beginning the ritual. It is assumed that somehow you are going to have contact with Satan himself, therefore one should not be disrespectful. Once this is done you must acquire several black candles, a sharp object to make a wound and draw blood from it, a sheet to write the pact and some object with which to write it with blood. Once this is acquired, the following should be said:


“Before the almighty and ineffable god Satan / Lucifer and in the presence of all the demons of hell who are the true gods, I, (write here his full name), renounce any kind of past loyalty. I renounce the Judeo-Christian God Jehovah, I also renounce his evil and worthless son Jesus Christ, and I renounce the crazy, hateful and rotten Holy Spirit.


I proclaim Satan / Lucifer as my only true God. I promise to recognize and honor him in everything he does, without any reservation, wishing in return his great assistance to achieve my goals correctly.”


After reciting this, proceed to light the candles and write with the blood extracted from the index finger of the left hand the name of the person who performs the ritual. At this point it would be time to concentrate and repeat the formula mentally, ending the process by exclaiming loudly and with conviction; after having burned the sheet where the deal was done with one of the black candles.

The second way:

The second method of selling the soul to the devil is remote to the times of the grimoires. In this procedure it is recommended to wear a tunic or any other black garment and you must have fasted for at least one day.

Alcohol should also have been avoided at least three days before performing the ritual to avoid harboring ‘toxic’ or harmful elements in the body. In this case it will be necessary to have black candles, an image with the symbol of Baphomet (inverted pentagram), a table with a black tablecloth, a carpet of the same color, a dagger, a bell and a silver chalice.

Once the altar is ready and the candles are lit, you should ring the bell nine times and recite the following words:


In the name of our high Lucifer,

In the name of Satan, who rules the world and is the King of the Earth,

I command the Forces of Darkness to grant me all their infernal powers.

In the name of our high Lucifer


In the name of Satan, Lord of the Earth, King of the World,

I command the Forces of Darkness to pour their infernal power on me.

Open the Gates of Hell wide open

And come out of the Abyss to receive me as your brother and friend.

Grant me the Indulgences of which I speak.


I have taken your name to be part of me.

I live like the beasts of the field, rejoicing in the “carnal life”.

I favor the righteous and I curse the rotten.

For all the Gods of the Underworld,

I order that what I say must happen.


Come out and respond to your names by expressing my wishes:

(Turn around to the south) Satan, (turn to the east) Lucifer, (look to the north) Belial, (turn to the west) Leviathan.


It is now time to transmit to Satan the wishes of the ritual practitioner through concentration and meditation projected by the inner strength. Finally, the following lines should be recited:


Powerful Satan, former Lord of the World,

Tonight I am before you to declare and confirm my alliance with you.

I have truly taken Your Name as part of myself.

It has always been like this,

But I have lived long ignorant of my nature.

I am grateful to know who and what I am.

I am proud to be one of yours and to call myself  a “Satanist”.


Powerful Satan, I am before you with everything I have.

I offer you my gifts and aptitudes, my talents and abilities, my skills,

And even then I have nothing to offer that has not been yours since the beginning, now I am aware of all this circumstance.


Oh, Mighty Lord of Darkness,

Give me satanic intelligence and reason,

Guide me, O Satan, to the Sinister Path.

Stay with me in everything I do. Open the Gates of Hell Magic

And teach me the Ancient Wisdom.




My soul to you I give, oh great master of darkness,

For today and forever.

In return I ask (here mention everything you want to get in exchange for having delivered your soul)

Hail Satan, save Lucifer, save Belial, save Leviathan, save all the spirits with name or without name of the Depths of the Abyss that are now with me.

So shall it be in the name of our high Lucifer


Finally, the bell should be blown nine more times to dismiss the demonic forces and this ends the ritual.


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