Knight of Swords

Knight of swords

Knight of Swords

Knights are always on a mission to complete the task at hand. However, The Knight of Swords represents a period of constant change.

New ideas, sudden inspirations, or the desire to pursue an adolescent-like adventure may upend the stability of the current environment.

Although the Knight completes his task, he may do so at the expense of disregarding other’s feelings, neglecting responsibilities, causing conflict, and initiating bewildering change.

Message from the Knight of Swords:

 “I crave continual motion, variety, new ideas, and can roll with the punches. I am lighthearted and carefree until I become focused on obtaining something I really want. In my quest to obtain what I desire, I have no regard for the needs and feelings of anyone else. I will not be tied down and I can sometimes be irresponsible.”


He is riding in full course, as if scattering his enemies. In the design he is really a prototypical hero of romantic chivalry. He might almost be Galahad, whose sword is swift and sure because he is clean of heart.

The swift coming and going of any matter. Fearless defender of justice.

– Astrological signs associated with this card are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

– this card can represent a young man less than 35 years of age – appearance – dark hair, dark eyes
– positive characteristics – courageous, intelligent, witty
– negative characteristics – reckless, impetuous, headstrong

Divinatory Meanings:

Skill, bravery, capacity, defence, address, enmity, wrath, war, destruction, opposition, resistance, ruin. There is therefore a sense in which the card signifies death, but it carries this meaning only in its proximity to other cards of fatality.

This Knight could be a person with a magnetic personality who enters the seeker’s life or the seeker could have sudden, inspirational ideas that he or she may feel a need to immediately set in motion. The Knight of Swords is trustworthy and usually has good intentions.

This card can represent the arrival of a new person in your life. However, caution is needed. He may be bright, intelligent, articulate and quite charming. He could also be unreliable and inconsistent. It may feel like you are dealing with twins. At times he will make you think that you have met the person you have been awaiting your whole life. At other times, for no apparent reason, he may leave you wondering what you said or did to burst that bubble.

At first he may behave like an action hero, full of energy, ideas, spontaneity and grand plans for the future. However he may disappear just as quickly as he appeared, with little or no explanation and no sense of remorse.

When dealing with any of the Knights it is important to remember that you are dealing with an immature nature. Actual age is irrelevant. Emotional immaturity and carefree abandon is usually what we can expect from those under 25, but never forget that much older people can be just as unreliable.

To understand this archetypes intentions, the seeker needs to pull a clarifying card and cross the Knight of Swords to see if the energies are positive or negative. See note below.

Note: Crossing cards indicate energies that need resolution. (We will work more on advanced analysis in coming lessons).

  • Swords = conflicts and challenges,
  • Pentacles = growth and development,
  • Wands = taking action with what you desire to achieve,
  • Cups = love, feelings and emotions.

Card Position

Positive Position: Change is in the air. You, or someone who has suddenly entered your life, may want to start a new relationship, start a new project or bring a new idea into fruition. You, or someone is full of determination, charged with energy and feels success is certain.

Be careful that your desire to rush into something does not cause you to cut corners or alienate friends, family or coworkers by pushing them into doing something they are not ready to do. Changes occurring at this time, while breaking down established patterns, may expand your outlook on life.

You may be unaware of an enemy who is passing rumors about you to trash your reputation.

Negative Position: Disruptive, unpleasant changes may occur. You may create an unexpected change, or someone may enter your life who is attractive and charismatic but has no regard for the feelings or desires of others, or you may pursue something without regard to the wishes of those close to you. Normal daily routines become chaotic and unproductive. You may decide to abandon all your responsibilities and embark on a new adventure.

You will discover who the hidden enemy is that is passing rumors. You may try to get revenge on an open enemy who is tarnishing your reputation.



Timing is usually immediate, 1 – 12 days, or related to the winter season.


Some keywords for the Knight of Swords:

  • Cold
  • Valiant
  • Willful
  • Valiant
  • Dynamic
  • Arrogant
  • Cunning
  • Strategic
  • Chiseled
  • Immature
  • Righteous
  • Handsome
  • Utilitarian
  • Conquering
  • Headstrong
  • Highly sexed

Some symbols from the Knight of Swords:Knight of swords


Birds or Feathers: The symbol meanings of the bird deals with higher thoughts and matters of the spirit. They are creatures of the air, so they symbolize higher ideals. They also represent freedom and ascencion. When the bird symbol pops out at us during a reading it is a message that we are rising to a higher level, that we need to free ourselves from bondage and we must make our hearts light.


Clouds: Clouds hold the symbol meaning of revelation. Consider out of the mists of our deepest thoughts suddenly an epiphany comes, a bright idea comes out from nowhere – this is the basic cloud symbol meaning. Depending on the card, clouds can also symbolize confusion or clouded judgment. Primarily, clouds represent higher thought and messages from the divine.


Horse: Featured on all the knight cards of the Tarot, the horse symbol meanings deal with strength, motion, action, and vitality. Linked in many ancient traditions with the four elements (fire, water, earth, air) the horse is also a strong spiritual symbol and an emblem of incorporating all the elements to maintain an equal, powerful balance with all things in the universe. This is evident in the “either/or” nature of the knights. In a more mundane sense, the horse is predispositioned to have a charging nature. In a reading, this gives us pause to consider where we are charging to and why.


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