The BMW Ideas for a Magical Life!

This section of the BMW website will begin our collection of ideas on how to work with all our products. Make sure you book mark this page and come back to see us often, as we will be updating our suggestions and ideas frequently! Also, if you have tips, add them to the comments section below each page OR email them to us! If you want your name shown – please tell us 😉


Magic for Health Healing Depression Magically Remove Ovarian Cysts Magically Magick to Increase Beauty and Attractiveness NOTE: It should be obvious as to the reasons why, however for the sake of clarity, you must seek medical advice as well. Magic and medicine have always worked hand in hand.


Recovering from Heart break (Healing from Love) Magic to Bring a Love Interest to You(Attracting Love) Magic to Decrease Lust towards You (Lust Work) Magick to Increase Beauty and Attractiveness (Self Love) Magical Ideas for Valentines Day (Celebrating Love) Magick to Promote Forgiveness (Forgiving Others) Magic to BreakUp a Relationship (Destroy Love)


Magic for Protection Magic to Stop Gossip Uncrossing Work to Remove Negative Conditions

Court & Legal

Magic for Court and Legal Cases

Money, Work, Business, & Prosperity

Magic For Business Success Money magic success ideas Magic for Fortune and luck Magic for Jobs and Employment Success


Manifesting your Secret Desires with Spell Casting Magic to Enhance Dreams: Receiving messages and communication through the dream state