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For Binding

Read more – Binding Work

  1. Patchouli Love Root Envelope
  2. Love Binding Dolls Spellbottle
  3. 2dr Hoodoo Binding Oil
  4. Red Velveteen Bag
  5. Black Female Candle 
  6. Black Male Genital Candle
  7. Binding Voodoo Doll
  8. Tribulus Terrestris Powder 2oz

For Offerings

  1. Starry Screen Black Charcoal Burner
  2. Charcoal (10 Tablets) 
  3. Black Chime Candle 20pk
  4. Plain Cast Iron Chime Holder
  5. Copal Resin Incense 2 Oz
  6. Frankincense & Myrrh Incense 1.5 Oz
  7. Black Taper Candle
  8. Black Stone Scrying Bowl 
  9. Ritual Bowl

For Love Spells

  1. Rose Buds & Petals, Red 2oz (Rosa Gallica)
  2. Lavender Flowers Whole 2oz (Lavandula Angustifolia)
  3. Licorice Root Cut 2oz
  4. Love Essential Essences Incense Sticks
  5. Love Bath Kit 
  6. Red Lover Candle
  7. Come To Me (ven A Mi) Aromatic Jar Candle
  8. 1-3oz Come To Me For Her (ven A Mi) W- Pheromones
  9. 1-3oz Come To Me For Him (ven A Mi Para Ellos )w- Pheromones
  10. Red Voodoo Doll 

A Pentagram Designed Altar

  1. Pentagram Candle Snuffer
  2. Altar Bell With Pentagram Design 
  3. Pentagram Offering Bowl
  4. Pentagram Chalice 
  5. Pentagram Cast Iron Cauldron W- Lid 
  6. Celtic Pentagram Athame 12
  7. Pentagram Candle Holder Altar Plate
  8. Pentagram Wand
  9. Pentagram Leather Blank Book W- Latch
  10. Pentagram Cast Iron Chime Candle Holder
  11. Three Pentagram Altar Cloth 
  12. Pentagram Taper Holder (set Of 2)

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