Correspondence: Bells represent the element of AIR.

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The use of bells is found in many magical traditions besides the dark arts including Wicca, Buddhism, Hinduism, Japanese Shinto, and many sects of Christianity. While the purpose and meaning of bells vary widely among these different traditions, it’s generally recognized that the ringing of a bell communicates a message of some kind, whether to participants in the religion or to entities in the spirit world.

Uses for bells include:

  • Casting a circle
  • Initiations
  • Fertility spells
  • Spirit-summoning spells
  • Protective spells
  • Space-cleansing spells
  • Satanic Rituals and Spells
  • Healing spells
  • Purification of the air by the ringing of the bell
  • To clear and/or charge crystals, herbs, and other items used in ritual and spellwork.

Bells are crafted from many materials: silver and iron are considered most auspicious, especially for protection, fertility, and healing.

For Ritual’s in the dark arts, it is often not desirable to have a gold bell, because of the undesirable connection to church ritual tools which are often in gold. Silver style bells are always best for the dark arts style rituals.

In Witchcraft or Wicca

A Ritual bell is used in opening and closing your ceremony or ritual clearing energies and bringing focus. Use your bell to clear the energy before, during, and after a spell or ritual. In Casting the Magic Circle. They are passed through the ‘four corners’ summoning the guardian spirits of the Directions and the Elements.

IDEA: Right after lighting the Candles, Witches pass the bells over the flames, gently ringing them to call out for the spirits’ assistance.

The bell is usually on the left side of the altar, where tools representing the Goddess are found. In most traditions, it is associated with the element of Air.

Also, your bell can be used in rituals for magic and healing as you call upon Gods, Goddesses, deities, as well as elemental powers and energies. One gentle ringing can instantly summon their friendly spirit.

Witch Bells can be used to drive away unwanted spirits or even to signify to our friendly entities, that our work is done.

Wiccan Altar Bell 

Moon Altar Bell

Altar Bell With Pentagram Design 


In the Dark Arts

The shattering effect of the bell is used to mark both the beginning and the end of the ritual. The priest rings the bell nine times, turning counter-clockwise and directing the tolling towards the four cardinal points of the compass. This is done once at the beginning of the ritual to clear and purify the air of all external sounds, and once again at the end of the ritual to intensify the working and indicating finality. (1)

The tonal quality of the bell used should be loud and penetrating, rather than soft and tinkling.

If you have a bell you should ring it three times at the beginning of a ritual. It should also be rung at the end of a ritual, perhaps followed by the words “So it is done.”

Bronze Tibetan Hand Bell and Puja Stick
Bronze Tibetan Hand Bell and Puja Stick

Silver Altar Bell w Pentagram

Unadorned Altar Bell

Bronze Tibetan Hand Bell and Puja Stick


Did you know…..

  • In some Asian traditions, having been well used, bells are then melted down and the resulting metal used to create other magic tools, such as ritual cups and plates.
  • The grease from large bells, such as church bells, may also be scraped out and used as a component of banishing and hexing spells. It is a frequent component of Goofer Dust.
  • Witches love to hang little bells from their doorknobs or themselves to scare away unwanted spirits. Usually, they enchant them with spells.
  • Tingshaw Cymbals (Bells) are also fabulous traditional sound tools. To use these, walk around your home clinking them together. The vibration and sound will help to clear pockets of negative energy.