Super Fabulous Gifts for Witch Friends and Loved Ones

If you are buying a gift for that super special person in your life, and you have a bigger cheque book, then these are the gifts guaranteed to make the recipient smile.

Wish List Dream Gifts

I will list the Top 5 items I dream about.

The BWC Official Talisman

Naturally, I have this already, and wear it everyday. The testimonials on this talisman speak for itself. Each talisman is handmade when you place your order by a very spiritual jewelry artist. This item is NOT mass produced. Each BWC talisman is handmade with love and purpose.

The purpose is for Protection – Power – Success

The Black Witch Coven Talisman for Power Success Protection


A HUGE book of shadows

This book is something directly from a fantasy! 7 Chakra stones running down the front inside of an Indian inspired design centered on the cover. This is a huge BOS and it is not meant for travel.

  •  400 linen parchment paper pages
  • handmade
  • real stones
  • real leather

14″x22″ 7 Stone Leather Blank Book

A Small Multi-Purpose Altar Table


A HUGE Crystal Ball

Perhaps one of the most famous tools of Divination, the crystal ball is a powerful aid in scrying the answers that you seek. Acquire your super sized crystal ball today and your divination will never be the same. oh…don’t forget to buy a stand as well……or I see a broken crystal ball in your future!


The Baphomet Statue

Another item I already own one of in black, but on my wish list for this year is the gold baphomet. Depicting the image of Baphomet, this statue depicts the God as a masculine but in balance the Goddess. as well as a symbol of perfect balance between the spiritual and physical realms.  When you own a baphomet, a sense of sophisticated wisdom descends upon your temple (or room). Definitely a statement piece.

Baphomet 9 1/2″


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