2018 Sabbats, Celebrations, Moon Phases

2019 Sabbats, LHP Dates, Moon Phases

January 2019:

February 2019:

Feb 1

  • BWS’s Birthday!
  • Imbolc – the midway point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. This day honors the Brigid, (Brighid), the goddess of fertility, fire and healing.

Feb 2 

  • Lughnassadh aka Lammas – (Southern Hemisphere)  – it’s time to celebrate the first harvest of the year, and recognize that the hot summer days will soon come to an end.

Feb 4

  • Dark Moon –  a night of stillness, contemplation and banishment. The only types of spell work that should be done on the Dark Moon is banishment work or curses/hexes. The Dark Moon is also ideal for all types of divination, as well as working with the departed. 

Feb 5

  • Lunar New Year – the new Lunar Year begins in the sign of the Boar (Pig) in the element of the of Earth.

Feb 7 or 8

  • New Moon: “Witches Moon”

Feb 19

  • Full Moon: “Snow Moon” – Super Moon! This magically potent moment of the month is ideal for smudging your home with Juniper to welcome to happiness, Rosemary to protect your family, Lavender to bless and Roses to awaken the love within. 

March 2019:

March 5th – 28th

  • Mercury Retrograde, with the final post-shadow ending on April 16th. 

March 17

  • St Patrick’s Day

March 20th

  • Ostara The Spring Equinox

April 2019:

Dark Moon: April 5th, 2019 
Witch’s New Moon: April 7th-8th, 2019
Full Moon: April 19th

As the moon disappears from the spring night sky, we now experience the Dark Moon. Now is a time for still, contemplation, divination and banishment. When the moon cannot be seen and is in the dark phase, this is referred to as the Dark Moon 

On this dark night we look within to find our own balance of darkness and light. As we find our inner balance, we naturally grow out of our old ways of being. We ripen. We mature. We are more confident with ourselves and the world around us. We know what we want. And just as important, we know exactly what it is we don’t want. We let go of procrastination. We let go of fear. We let go of the mind-viruses from other people. And most importantly, we let go of all that no longer serves us.

Note: The Dark Moon is never a good time to begin a new venture. Wait for the Witch’s New Moon, which is the night you can see the very first sliver of the moon 🌒— about 2-3 days AFTER the Dark Moon. Depending on where you are in the world, the Witch’s New Moon falls on the early morning hours of April 7th. As soon as you see the very first sliver of the moon, know that is the Witch’s New Moon is upon you. That will be the ideal time for beginning new ventures, planting new seeds of manifestation and drawing new love into your life.

May 2019:

May 1

  • May Day/Beltane 
  • Samhain (SH)

June 2019:

Bellona Festival – June 3

New Moon – June 13

Asatru Alliance Founding Day – June 19

Summanus Festival – June 20

June 21

  • Litha – Summer Solstice
  • Yule – Winter Solstice (SH) 1

Day of Bad Omens – June 23


Lammas or Harvest Eve July 31st This holiday celebrates the first harvest.



Feast of Mabon September 21st The Autumn equinox has arrived. On the Wiccan calendar, we celebrate the celebration of the birth of Mabon, the son of Mordon, the Goddess of the earth. It is also the harvest festival.


Oct 31st

  • New Years Day – This is New Years on the Druid calendar.
  • Samhain /All Hallow’s Eve.  The wall between earth and the underworld is thin at this time of year. On  Halloween night, the wall opens. Samhain, the Lord of  Darkness, rises from the underworld. He roams the world looking for lost souls. 



Dec 21st*

  • Winter Solstice /Yule. This is the shortest day of the year. And, conversely, the longest night.  Witches and warlocks celebrate the birth of the Sun God, as from this point forward the days get longer. 

Dec 23rd*

  • Lucifer’s most Important Day of the year, when the Sun is one degree into Capricorn. The day following the beginning of the Winter Solstice is his Personal Day, which should be observed by every dedicated Satanist.

* To Be Confirmed

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