Cowrie Shells

Cowrie shells are a great symbol of the sea, creation, and the feminine. They are a wonderful aid in creative and mystical crafts. For Santeria: Orishas each own 18 cowrie – Diloggun, and readings are done with 16 shells.

Obatala Bell

… used to call on the spirit of Obatala to come and answer our prayers and wake up the energy of Obatala during Orisa worship and also to drive away bad energies from the home.  This is a very important tool for Obatala devotees to have.

Orisha Oils

…… can be used to dress candles, it could be use on the body and or to make any kind of rituals

Used Horse Shoe

Good Luck!

Osha Root (ligusticum Porteri)

Because of its power in good luck it is also used by some to guard against negative or harmful influences and energies.

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