Yule Day 10 Njorðr and Nerthus

Today, honor Njorðr and the Germanic goddess Nerthus.

Njorðr is one of the Vanir, associated with the wealth of the ocean and trade overseas. As he is the father of the twins Freyja and Freyr by his unnamed sister, some consider the mysterious German goddess Nerthus to be his female twin/counterpart.

According to Tacitus, Nerthus is a goddess of the earth, promoting peace and prosperity wherever her image was taken.


Hail Njorðr, generous Lord of the shipyard, father of Freyr and Freyja. I honor you today and ask that this Yule season and into the new year I would be blessed with your kindness and prosperity.

Hail Nerthus, mother earth, Lady of peace and plenty. May the days ahead be filled with your frith and may the earth care for me as a mother.


For your dinner tonight, make a plum pudding to share with your family. Traditionally, every member of the family should help stir the mixture when the pudding is being made, asking for luck and blessings as they do. Bless a silver coin in the name of Njorðr and the Nerthus, and hide it in the pudding before cooking it (eat carefully!).

The person to find the coin receives a blessing of wealth for the next year and should keep it as a good luck charm.

This is such a lovely touch, and can add to a wonderful tradition that can be passed along through the years for every member of the family to enjoy. As an idea, I’m going to share with you another tradition that I practice with my family, and that is if somebody is to find the coin, they are responsible for the baking of the cake the following year. So firstly they are lucky that they found the coin and now receive this blessing, but secondly they now have the responsibility to share the next blessing with another.

Make sure to set aside some pudding as an offering to Njorðr and Nerthus as well.

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