Yule Day 11 – Þórr and Sif


New Year’s Eve

Tonight you will be honoring Þórr and Sif, as well as blessing your house for protection and driving out the last of the wandering Yule spirits who are still between the worlds. It was traditional to end the Yule festivities by “chasing the Yule out”.


Hail Þórr, red-bearded guardian of Midgarðr, who drives away all wights of ill will. As the Yule season ends, drive away any lingering malicious spirits with your hammer, and clear the way for a prosperous and blessed new year.

Hail Sif, lady of harvest. May your blessing be upon the seeds that I plant with the coming of the new year, so that it may be happy, prosperous, and productive.


Today, spiritually and physically cleanse your house. One way to accomplish this is to burn herbs which were traditionally associated with driving away evil energies (namely Mugwort and Juniper in the northern traditions) and fumigate the house, starting from the back of the house and working your way to the front and out the front door.

Fire and iron were also believed to drive away malicious spirits, and one could carry fire or iron through the house with prayers for Þórr’s aid.

Take the ashes you saved from your Yule log and sprinkle them across the doorways for protection.

When midnight strikes on New Year’s Eve, banging pots and pans and basically creating a cacophony was a traditional way to drive away the last of the lingering spirits of Yule, who could cause trouble in the coming year if they didn’t return to their proper place.

You might consider singing a loud, rowdy song for Þórr at midnight, assuring a fresh start in the household. “Thor Bashes Etins” by Diana Paxson is a possible choice, accompanied by a loud “stomp stomp” after each refrain.


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