Yule Day 2 – Sunna and Máni


Today you will be celebrating both the longest night of the year and the return of the sun and the lengthening of the days ahead.

Prayer (to be spoken before the sunrise):

Hail to Sunna, charioteer of the sun, triumphant bringer of light, golden goddess. The frozen earth sleeps and dreams of the return of your warm embrace. As you grow in strength and your light is reborn into the world may you also
bring light into the life of myself and my loved ones.

Hail to Máni, brother of Sunna who fills the night with your gentle glow. You are the friend of dreamers, artists, and mystics; You are the silver lantern that guides the way of men and spirits on this darkest night. May you fill my heart with hope and wonder on the holiest of tides.

Wake up just before the rising of the sun, and greet Sunna as she makes her ascent.

You may either light her a candle or light her a fire outside in a fire-pit to offer her strength and aid her ascent. Make offerings to her and thank her for the gift of her fire, without which nothing on earth could live.

Appropriate offerings for Sunna may include cider, mead, Goldschlager, apple juice, oranges, or flowers.

At some point during the rest of the day, find a piece of wood to serve as your Yule log. You can decorate it with flowers, pine, auspicious herbs, carvings of sun wheels, etc (bear in mind you will be burning this log, so don’t add anything to it that could be toxic or make an unpleasant smell).

Aside from decorating your Yule log, you can also make a dessert Yule log to enjoy in the evening. Don’t forget to share a piece with Máni, who is keeping his longest vigil of the year tonight.

Here is a recipe for making your own Yule Log.

Wait until after dinner, and then light your real Yule log in your fireplace. The Yule log is intended to add strength to Sunna’s fire and hasten her return.

As an added bit of magic, you can write down something you would like to see strengthened in the new year. Add this paper to a mix of aromatic herbs with properties of luck and abundance (such as cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice).

Burn your paper and the herbs in the Yule fire while praying for Sunna’s blessing.

DON’T FORGET – Save the ashes from your Yule Log, as you will be using them on 12th Night.


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