Yule Day 3 – Freyr and the Álfar


Tonight you will be honoring Freyr and the Álfar. In essence you will be honouring your male ancestors.

It is said that Freyr received Álfheimr as a gift for when he cut his first tooth. The Álfar (like the Dísir) are a somewhat mysterious class of mythological being. There are modern Heathens who associate them with their male ancestors (just as the Dísir are associated with female ancestors), while others may see them as powerful nature spirits (the lines between land spirits and spirits of the dead who were buried in the ground could often be blurry). Regardless, the Álfar (elves) have maintained an association with the Yule season from pre-Christian times to the present, and many supernatural beings were thought to roam the earth during this time of year.

If you wish to honor your male ancestors tonight, bring out their pictures and make them an altar just as you did on Mother’s Night.

Hail to Ingvi Freyr, Lord of Álfheimr. Upon the bristles of your sacred boar, all Yule oaths were sworn. May you bless our house with your abundance and your passion, so that we may achieve all of our goals in the coming year with dignity and honor.

Hail to the Álfar, mighty dwellers of the mounds. Hail to the hidden folk who often wander into the realms of men. May we have the blessings of your favor and live alongside you in friendship. We welcome you to our Yule feast and offer you our hospitality.


Cook a pork dinner tonight in Freyr’s honor. In the old days, oaths would have been sworn upon Freyr’s boar (the origin of our new year’s resolutions).

Before eating, make sure to take an offering of food and beer outside for Freyr and the Álfar first.

While you are eating, contemplate what you would like to accomplish in the new year, and review the things you accomplished over the past year.

This is a good time to toast the victories of those present, and to share those things you want to accomplish so that you can help support one another in the days to come.


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