Yule Day 8 – Skaði and Ullr

Today you can honor Skadi and Ullr. Skaði is the frost giantess who became one of the gods after marrying the sea god Njorðr. She is associated with winter and one of her bynames is the “snowshoe goddess”. Ullr is the son of Sif and the stepson of Þórr, who is associated with yew trees, archery, hunting, and skiing. Both gods are associated with the wilds of the forest, and therefore today’s offering is also an offering to the wild birds, animals, and spirits of the woods.

Hail Skaði, lady of the show shoes, giantess of the winter, wild woman of the forest. You are the shadow that glides silently through the trees, hunting like a she-wolf for your prey. May you help my household endure winter’s harshness and may we always have enough resources to survive.
Hail Ullr, great hunter and skier who makes his home in Ydalir. You were an observer of holy oaths, and I pray you will remind my household to observe our oaths to the gods, to the natural world, and to each other.

Today, make edible ornaments out of popcorn and dried fruit, strung on a natural string. Take the ornaments to a tree in your backyard or out in nature. Decorate the tree and leave them as an offering to the animals and nature spirits. Make sure not to leave anything that could be harmful to animals or isn’t biodegradable, as such an offering wouldn’t be well received by Skaði or Ullr.

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