Yule Day 9 – Freyja

Today you will honor Freyja in her aspect as seiðkona and seer as you ask for auspices regarding the coming year.

Hail Freyja, lady of love, lady of war, lady of prosperity, lady of magic. We honor you, greatest of the seiðonar, and ask for your blessings and vision as we begin our journey into a new year.

Tonight, call upon Freyja to aid you in divination for the New Year. In Germany on new years eve, some families divine for their fortune by using Bleigiessen (lead pouring). Small bits of led or tin are melted and then dropped into water. The form created by the metal is examined to determine the future. If you are unable to find a Bleigiessen kit, candles can also be used, pouring candle wax into water and then interpreting shapes in the wax. Here is a resource to learn more about Bleigiessen and a list of interpretations for different shapes. Make sure to give an offering to Freyja to thank her for her assistance. I find that she is fond of champagne, strawberries, chocolate, amber incense, and flowers.

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