Beginners Black Magic and Occult Ritual Preparations

Beginners Black Magic and Occult Ritual Preparations


The key for now, is to have an altar, a cloth and a candle. The rest you will build in time:

  • Obtain some black candles if possible.
  • Unless you have very good eyesight, you may need more than just candlelight to read your written prayers or other crib sheets. Have a small flashlight handy for that purpose.
  • all-black clothing that you will wear only for ritual purposes.  Alternatively, you may prefer to perform your rituals naked.
  • Obtain a small table that you can use as an altar. Ideally, the table should be used only as your altar and for no other purpose. Ideally too, it should be in a room that is used for no other purpose too. But, if you lack sufficient room or privacy for even a permanent altar, let alone an entire room reserved for that purpose, then your nightstand will do.
  • black altar cloth. If you lack sufficient room or privacy to have a permanent altar (in which case the table you are using as an altar will also be used for other purposes at other times), then the altar cloth should be on the table only when you are doing rituals, and at other times should be folded up and put away.
  • It is desirable to decorate both your altar and the walls of the room with a variety of Satanic symbols, such as a Baphomet.
  • As a gesture of respect and to help avoid distractions, the room in which you perform your rituals should be cleaned shortly beforehand. In particular, the floor should be clean
  • Try to memorize your invocations, etc. before the ritual.
  • If you intend to dispose of your written prayers or other crib sheets rather than save them after the ritual, it is recommended — as a gesture of respect — that you burn these sheets of paper immediately after or near the end of the ritual itself, rather than just throw them in the garbage later. Reading a prayer and then burning the paper on which it is written is a common ritual practice among theistic Satanists. It isn’t absolutely necessary. However, written prayers used in ritual should be either kept or burned, not thrown in the garbage.
  • Have a ceramic bowl handy. And, if you’ve never done this before, spend some time practicing the art of burning paper in a bowl before you do your first ritual. For safety, practice it in your bathroom or kitchen sink before you practice it anywhere else.
  • Your altar should be positioned so that, when facing your altar, you will be facing whichever direction will be most appropriate to the centerpiece of the ritual. For example,
    • for a healing ritual, you might want to have your altar facing west, corresponding to the element of Water, since our bodies are mostly water.
    • for a destruction ritual, you might want to have your altar facing south, corresponding to the element of Fire.
    • For a ritual to help you do better in school, you might want to have your altar facing east, corresponding to the element of Air.
    • For a ritual pertaining to making money, you might want to have your altar facing north, corresponding to the element of Earth. (See Infernal names, directional correspondences, etc.)
    • For a self-initiation ritual or a dedication ritual, your altar should face west. West is one of the directions traditionally associated with Satan for millenia. For example, before every baptism in the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches, a renunciation of Satan is said facing west. West is also the direction associated with the element of Water, and thus with the things you need most in order to do magick or spirituality of any kind, such as intuition, primal emotion, and access to your subconscious mind.
  • Several hours before the ritual, eat a hearty meal and drink lots of liquids (at least four cups’ worth), and then don’t drink any more liquids after that, before the ritual. This will help ensure that, during the ritual itself, you will not be distracted by hunger, thirst, or a need to go to the bathroom. (You’ll probably need to go to the bathroom at least a few times before the ritual.)
  • An hour or two before the ritual, cleanse yourself physically. Bathe or shower, brush your teeth, and perhaps gargle.
  • Then disconnect your telephone — and make sure you’ll remember to re-connect it after the ritual.
  • Finally, for at least a half hour before you perform the ritual itself, relax and listen to some appropriate music, to help put yourself in a suitable frame of mind for the ritual.
  • During at least part of your pre-ritual relaxation time, it is desirable to meditate or do one or more visualization exercises. Use a visualization which both helps to still the mind and inspires awe and wonder. For some people, the hurricane visualization may serve these purposes.

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    I can not have a seperate room just for a altar, my current husband would not allow that or me practicing anything left hand path. I have to fold everything up and pack away, but i am doing almost everything, still getting important things together. I have ordered a few books from your website to read and will continue with Beginners Black Magick and Occult Ritual Preparations and what follows.

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