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We offer large order discounts and wholesale terms for the trade industry on all of our oils, powders, incenses, floor washes, herb mixes, aura sprays, mojo bags and we can also make items just for your shop such as black magic oils, powders, spell kits and more.

Why should you buy our items for your own shop?

  • Wholesale orders receive a
    • 30% off all items
    • 50% off all BWC Brand/Made Products
  • Black Magic Witch & Black Witch Coven are globally known brands and we have been established for 20 years with thousands of customers worldwide.
  • BWC – Every item is made by hand, charged with intent and reviewed by real witches.
  • We are able to help you with information for every single product as well as also sending you information documents you can print off for your customers and shop should you wish.
  • Every member of staff is either a traditional witch, rootworker, gypsy, occultist, or other magic practitioner. We have over 350 years combined knowledge between us.

Our normal terms and conditions apply as well as the extra wholesale terms below.

  • Minimum trade order is $300 before P&P. Orders over $1000 include free postage/courier fees.
  • We sell all over the world but please be aware of the customs and excise issues in your own country.
  • DUME products can be made and labelled with your own labels. You are responsible for the labeling of your products.

Drop shipping


  • No account is required
  • All wholesale orders are put through manually on our system so simply email us (support@blackmagicwitch.com or use form below) with the products and quantity you want from the categories on our website.
  • We will email you back with your invoice via PayPal and an estimated time of dispatch, please be aware, all of our items are MADE TO ORDER because we only use authentic recipes and ingredients and do not use pre made stock.

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Wholesale Witchcraft