There are many different reasons to cast a love spell on another. At black magic witch, we do not believe that love work “Is evil”. If your heart is broken over another person, Or if you Wanna bring back somebody that you care about, here are some tips from our coven’s experts!

Oils you can use for love attraction spell work

Attraction, irresistible, van van, spearmint, wisteria , honeysuckle, geranium, lodestone, mint, spearmint

Herbs for Attraction

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Try these quick tips for love herbs in your magical spells

Benzoin Siam is better suited for attraction.

Bloodroot – The root is carried or worn to draw love. 

Cardamon seeds are added to warmed wine for a quick lust potion

Catnip “Catnip is used in love sachets, usually in conjunction with rose petals”

Chamomile – Attract Love

Cherry – Attract Love

Chestnut – “Use chestnuts in love spells, or feed to a loved one.”

CHickweed – Love & Fidelity “attract a love or to maintain a relationship”

Cinquefoil – 

*Dulse – For Lust and Harmony 

*Dutchman’s Breeches – For love! If you wear the root, it is said you will attract a lover to you!

Rose Petals

Come to Me Work

Here are a few suggestions on how you can do this type of work to bring back your love interest!

This candle comes in both pink and red. It is used to bring a person to you.

TIP – Burn this candle with a money drawing or fast luck candle if this is what the person wants to come to them

Ideas to use a come to me candle

  • Dressed with compelling And come to me oil
  • Write your lovers name and your name
  • Saying a petition to your deity (or Saint Martha – see below)
  • If you have written your spell on a parchment paper, Then dress it with the oil in each corner, And place it under the candle.
  • You can return to the candle each day and reinstate your desires

A Come to Me Deity to assist women

If you don’t have a deity that you work with, consider working with a saint. You may not know it, but saints were once ordinary people, who did extraordinary things in there real life. Therefore, when working with a saint, you are petitioning the help of someone who once lived and was able to achieve success in specific areas.

Saint Martha
To bring back your loss love her you may wish to work with Saint Martha. Who is Saint Martha? Saint Martha is called to assist with money problems, domestic problems, to bring you closer to a lover who is resisting you, to help keep your husband or boyfriend faithful, to bring in a new love, or to conquer and subdued your enemies.

Saint Martha’s tobacco prayer

Source: Magical Power Of The Saints By Ray Malbrough

I offer this pray it to the charitable spirits for the guardian angel of (your target)

For the holy day on which he was born, for the four winds, each of them and they places in which they find

Have him cling to me, love me, and do not let him forget me.

Spirits of the forces, so you can give strength to (your target) so he can love me and come to me where ever I am

Spirit of the illusions,  The illusion (your target) be passed on to me

Spirit of despair so that the desperation (your target) be passed on to me

Spirit of Splendor and money so that the money he brings home will be put into my hands.

Charitable spirits, here I surrender body, soul and will  of (your target)

Do not let him sleep, drink, walk, or work without thoughts of me put into (your targets) mind, that my name is……..


Saint Martha conquer target, keep me in his mind

Saint Martha conquer target, keep me in his mind

Saint Martha conquer target, keep me in his mind


Other “come to me”  ideas:

You could also use an attraction mojo bag for the same purpose, Or to keep a person attracted to you!

Commanding oil can be used on the candle

This is a purple candle used to control another, Or to gain power over another. You may wish to burn this next to the come to me candle, If you think your target is hesitant or resistant to you!


There are two types of these candles. They come in red and green or Plain red. The red candle is for lost love. The red and green candle is for good luck!

Adam & Eve

Adam and Eve Spells in Conjure should include a ritual of powders, washes, incense, candles, and oils.


Sachet powder or sprinkling powder can be used in many ways. Either sprinkled in a place that the target will come into contact with it or used on the person as a dusting.


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