Tips & Help for Binding Products & Rituals

Binding work is Earth Magick. The earth element is used in death rituals and can be used along with death energy, and is used in binding rituals.

All of the below herbs are ruled by the planet Saturn. Saturn is the planet of binding.

Additional Witchcraft Binding Herbs:

  • Calamus Root Cut 1oz
  • White Willow Bark Cut (salix Alba)
  • Seal Root Cut 1oz (polygonatum Species)
  • Skullcap – Magical uses include relaxation, peace, binding oaths, consecrating vows and commitments, stress, tension, nightmares, and worn by women to keep their husbands faithful

Other items:

  • Tobacco
  • blood

Binding Oils:

  • 1oz Hoodoo Binding Oil – Hoodoo Binding oil can be used in spells and can be used to affect people without them knowing.binding doll

Binding Products:

  • The Red Thread Bracelet For Protection
  • Binding Rune Sword, Strength Athame – This two sided athame has many features: pentagram with sword amulet applied to blade, as well as a bind rune on one side hilt with light wood background all in clear coat finish – the other side, hilt is dark. This tool can be used by many traditions for many purposes.
  • Binding Voodoo Doll – With this Broken & Bound for binding voodoo doll your desires will become your reality. This doll is a focus tool, a portal to personal empowerment. Concentrate on your desire and visualize yourself already with the desired outcome. When you feel your focus is at its peak, forcefully stick the pin in the doll.
  • Love Binding Dolls Spellbottle
    • a pair of traditional Peruvian love binding dolls, Use these handmade dolls to ensnare your mate,  keep your partner committed, and strengthen your relationship

Best Candles for Binding Work

Black Candles are all-purpose for any black magic rituals. For example:

  • Saturn rules black. Black influences self-control, endurance, and patience.
  • Black candles used in workings of destruction are used to incite the slower destruction of enemies, opposed to accidents or sudden attacks associated with the color red.
  • Black is also a good color to use to bring discord and confusion to enemies.
  • Black can be used for protection, binding negative forces, and breaking up obstacles and blocks.
  • Black can also be used to reverse and break up negative thoughtforms.
  • Black absorbs, conceals, creates confusion and chaos, is used for new beginnings, and obtaining knowledge of hidden things.
  • Black is the container of light, and is one of the most powerful of colors.

Buy Candles for Binding work:

Black Chime Candle 20 Pack

Black 6″ Taper Candle

Black 7-day Jar Candle

Using Runes

Iss (Ice) Rune

Galdr-sound: e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e- (tightly focused high pitch)
Iss is a rune of binding.

It represents stealth and sneakiness and is used in operations where one wishes to proceed undetected; Iss bestows invisibility. In nature, ice creeps up on the land, quietly freezing and immobilizing everything in its path. The unaware fall victim to it.

Magickally, Iss is a rune of binding and preventing action through hidden means. It can halt a plan and prevent something from developing. It is used to conceal and can render a victim unaware of impending personal disaster to where any actions attempted will be too late in coming. It is also used in preventing any action and can ruin planned activity. Isa freezes action and is the rune of cold, barren stillness and death.

Isa is the exact opposite of Fehu. As Fehu is a rune of movement, Isa is a rune of binding.

Used in ritual against another, it brings barrenness, prevents prosperity, causes depression, and serves as an obstacle to action. Can be used to cause paralyzing fear or obsession and to prevent or stop movement, both that of growth and disintegration. Care needs to be taken as the rune can also make the user dull and/or obsessive. Isa works to calm hysteria, hyperactivity, and restlessness.

Often used in revenge spells and defense, it helps focus the will of the operator. Used with other runes, it acts to bind and shield the energies and keep them from interacting with each other.

TIP –Gebo also Gipt (Gift) Galdr-sound: g- g- g-g-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh eh-eh-eh is powerful in binding enemies.

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