Break-Up Spells include a variety of situations that require separating:

  • Breaking up your own marriage or relationship
  • Terminate an established, existing relationship
  • Break up your love interest…..from your competition!

Black Magic Witch Break-Up Products



Herbs & Powders


Make Your Own Break-Up Powder

Feeling crafty? You can do the work yourself. Here is a formula you can start with but feel free to build on this one of our below!

  1. Grind and powder the following dried botanicals:
    • lemongrass
    • mullein
    • patchouli
    • valerian
    • vetiver
  2. Store for a least 3 months in a dark dry place

Post Break-up Cleansing

According to general metaphysical wisdom, any sexual relationship creates vestigial ties that bind, the more intense, passionate, and lengthy the relationship, the more intense, passionate, and lingering the bonds. This cleansing spell is beneficial whenever you wish to sever and erase those bonds, whether from a long-term relationship or a one-night stand. Gently rub a whole raw egg against your naked body, from head to toe and outwards from shoulders to fingers, with extra emphasis placed on the genitals. When complete, break the raw egg into the toilet and flush it away.

Relationship End Powder

This powder is more subtle than Break-Up Powder. Grind the following botanicals into fine powder: camphor, pennyroyal, and slippery elm. Sprinkle into the shoes and pockets of the one who should depart. Warning: Pregnant women or those actively attempting to become pregnant should not handle pennyroyal.


Source: Black Witch Coven Moving candle-spells  are used to bring people together or drive them apart. They can be performed with votive candle, tapers, or even human figure candles. You Will Need:

  • Male Figure-Candle
  • Female Figure-Candle
  • An appropriate oil
  • Bible (in Black Magic we often rip pages from the bible and burn them, however you don’t have do either use the bible NOR rip it up)

Gay? Hetro?

  • Heterosexual couple – use male /Female candle
  • Gay – Use 2 male candles
  • Lesbian you will use two female candles

Also, when I say “GOD” that means whatever higher source of entity is YOUR higher power – not just the Christian God.When the Moon is waning on a Tuesday or Saturday, begin your ritual by marking the candles with the targets names. Dress both candles with your oil and have them face to face on top of a metal tray. Light the candles and say: “With God’s blessings, may this couple separate as quickly as possible. May their relationship be destroyed, and their respect for each other grow to distain. May they both move on to another path and no longer cross mine. Amen” When the candle has burned down 1/7th of the way snuff it out.  Move the candles a little further apart. Next, take our your bible and read the first Chapter of the Songs of Solomon. If your performing black magick, rip out a piece of this page (of all) and burn it as an offering. If you are not using the bible, say your petition to your God. The following night and each night thereafter for a total of 7 nights, relight your candle repeating your prayer moving your candles further apart each night. On the 7th and final night, do not snuff out the candle but let it burn out on its own, then collect any remains and throw in the trash. Say “It Is Done. So Be It”

Heartbreak and Disappointment Spells: Pre-Break Up

Do you sense love slipping away? These spells attempt to restore and revive lost or fading love. The relationship isn’t completely over; your partner hasn’t left…yet. (Under these circumstances, consider Summoning Spells to help bring the other party back.)

Baby Please Don’t Go Spell

There’s no need for a Summoning Spell. He or she hasn’t left yet. You, however, foresee with fear and dismay that the date of departure seems imminent. This variation of a floorwash attempts to forestall that departure, revive love and happiness, and make that Summoning Spell you’ve already picked out completely unnecessary. This is a version of a classic condition formula known as Stay With Me.

  1. Pour boiling water over the following ingredients to create a strong infusion: Bloodroot Cardamom Coriander Cumin Forget-me-not Rosemary
  2. Strain out the botanical material, and add the liquid to a bucket of water together with some vinegar.
  3. Use it to cleanse your home, concentrating on thresholds to the outside and the bedroom.
  4. For maximum power, cast the spell in conjunction with many repetitions of the sacred sounds of Lorraine Ellison’s recording, “Stay With Me Baby.” Sing along or just listen as inspired.

Love Me Again Spell

It matters little that your partner hasn’t left; love seems to be gone. Burn dragon’s blood while chanting petitions for love to be restored and resurrected. Keep chanting continuously for as long as the dragon’s blood burns.

Stick With Me Spell

“Pega-pega” is the Spanish name for the botanical Desmodium obtusum. Pega-pega literally means “stick-stick” or “attach-attach.”

  • Add pega-pega to conjure bags to mend damaged relationships and stay together
  • Sew it into the other person’s clothing

Heartbreak And Disappointment Spells: Post-Break Up

Sometimes it’s not about the other person; it’s about repairing and soothing your own broken heart.

Apple Romantic Cleansing Spell

A cleansing spell for when a bad love affair has left you feeling tainted, humiliated, or defiled.

  • Dice an apple and douse the pieces with honey and cayenne pepper.
  • Let it sit until it rots.
  • Flush the pieces down the toilet.
  • Affirm that you will learn to love again but more wisely this time.

Broken Heart Bath

  • Add white rose petals, honeysuckle blossoms, and rose attar to a bath filled with water. Substitute hydrosols for the fresh flowers if necessary.
  • Place a rose quartz large enough not to go down the drain in the bath too.
  • Soak in the scented bath.
  • Following the bath, carry the rose quartz with you. Sleep with it under your pillow until you don’t need it anymore.

Heartsease Spell

Heartsease are wild pansies. Their name reveals their secret power to soothe heartache. Float fresh blossoms in your bath or add the flower essence remedy. Honeysuckle discourages unhealthy nostalgia and attachment to the past, enabling you to move forward in a whole, healthy manner. These spells require traditional fragrant honeysuckle rather than Cape honeysuckle, which is beautiful but lacks scent.

Oregano Spell

The scent of oregano allegedly helps you forget old lovers. Ordering a pizza may be of some use once in a while, however burning the dried herb as incense or heating a few drops of the essential oil in an aroma burner are much more effective.

Yarrow Heartsease Bath

Among yarrow’s meanings in the Language of Flowers is “cure for heartache.” Add yarrow hydrosol to your bath water.  

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