Music: Ancestor’s Song

Ancestor’s Song By Kellianna Honoring the ones who came before us Honor them with song To women back 1,000 generations Grandmothers, daughters, mothers, aunts and sisters Who worked towards securing our survival I want to thank you for every sacrifice You chose to live togther not in war but peace By observing Mother Earth you […]

Working with Belial

demonic pact making

Belial is a demon king of Hell that commands at least 50 legions of spirits. In Hebrew, the name “Belial” can be translated to “without God’ and “worthlessness.” Although he is often associated with Satan, they are two different beings. This demon is useful for spiritual and material wellbeing, and he can help you become […]

Easy Ways to Create Servitors

Did you know that you could create a spirit being out of your thoughts? We live in a world that is full of mystery, and an example is the possibility of creating energy beings called servitors. What is a servitor? This refers to a thought form, an idea, energy, or a living being created by […]

Your Book of Shadows or Journal

Current Range of Journals click here Essentially this is your witch’s books of secrets. A Book of Shadows is a book containing text and instructions for magical rituals! It can be an experimental practice, everyday ritual works, or a record of magic. It is said that Wicca first introduced the concept of a book of shadows. […]

Full Moon Releasing Ritual

full moon ritual

As this coming full moon falls over the new year there couldn’t be a better time to perform this ritual. Check your local lunar calendar to find out the exact time of the full moon if you wish. This Full Moon Releasing Ritual has been simplified to be accessible to beginners and for any practitioner who might […]

Introduction to Magick

What is magick? Aleister Crowley defined magick as “the process of causing change in conformity with WILL.” It is spelled with a “k” to differentiate it from magic tricks that are easily performed by illusionists. Magick is all about intentions, goals, and working with energies. There is a common phrase that says, “Thoughts create things.” […]

Introduction to Knots and Cords Magick

Knot magick has been in existence for centuries. Ancient shamans and witches practiced this form of magick. Who would have ever thought that a piece of knotted rope could create changes in the physical world? Actually, the power comes from your mind (intention) and not from the rope. In the early days, various knots were […]

How to Practice Automatic Writing

Automatic writing or psychography is a process that enables a writer to produce written words without consciously writing. This form of writing is different from free writing. During the act, the conscious mind of the writer steps to the background while the individual’s spirit guide steps forward to dictate the words that are written down. […]


Clear Quartz

Using Crystals to heal the Chakras by Alana Fairchild Crystals can be specifically chosen to work with healing issues of particular chakras. Each of the chakras vibrates to a different energy level (indicated by their occult colour and elemental associations) and crystals also vibrate at different levels of energy. Choosing a crystal with the energy level […]

Music: Freya

Song: Freya Artist: Kellianna Album: I Walk With The Goddess I’ve climbed through The mountains Earths’ towers Of stone In search of Great power And the Glitter of gold My husband And daughter Tucked safely At home I left in search Of great Power and Gold I left in search Of great Power and Gold […]