How to Protect Yourself From Nightmare Experiences

How to Protect Yourself From Nightmare Experiences

Having a good night sleep is very important because it helps to strengthen and refreshen the body. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to enjoy their sleep due to the series of nightmares they experience at night. Due to the strong impact caused by nightmares, many people can suffer attacks and even lose their lives. In […]

Twenty Ouija Board Rules You Should Never Forget

The Ouija is a flat board marked with numbers 0-9, alphabets, the words “yes”, “no”, and sometimes “hello” and goodbye”. This board also has symbols and graphics. Its major tool is a small heart-shaped piece of plastic or wood called a planchette. The planchette is often moved across the board to spell out words.

End of The Year Rituals to Perform

While I was at home the other day, I was talking to my sister and she asked me a question.  “What can you say about 2018?” Was it an excellent year for you?”  Now, thinking about it,  2018 wasn’t really a perfect year for me because just like I had some wins, I also had to deal […]

The Magical Power of Witches’ Mirror

The ability of mirrors to reveal secrets has been known since antiquity as a form of divination practiced by the ancient magicians of Egypt, Arab, Persia, Greek and Roman. Due to its ability to duplicate reality, mirrors have always been a means of accessing the supernatural.

16 Magical Tricks You Need To Try Out in 2019

As we get ready to wrap up 2018 and welcome 2019, there are many plans you might have made for the New Year. Let’s assume that 2018 wasn’t a perfect year for you due to the numerous challenges and bad lucks you had to face. Do you know that some simple traditions such as eating […]

Magical Spells to get Pregnant

If you are at a time in your life where getting pregnant is all you want and you have tried several unsuccessful means to get a baby, I will show you some spells to cast in order to conceive a baby. It has worked for many people and would work for you too. In the […]

How to Perform Egg Cleansing Rituals

An egg is a symbol of life and when it is fertilized it contains the necessary elements that enhance growth and development of the embryo. The egg serves as a gateway into a new life and in the spiritual world it serves as an effective element that is used to absorb bad energies, dense energies, […]

How to Celebrate Yuletide as a Witch

Winter is an introspective period, which allows us to internalize and meditate on our actions, on our past and on our future. The festivals of Yule (from the Old Norse: Júl) are celebrated every winter solstice. This was a celebration of the Nordic people, related to Germanic mythology and Nordic paganism. In the northern hemisphere, […]

How to Prepare Oba Incense and Devotional Oil

If you are a worshipper of Obba then you must know the necessary ingredients to use in preparing her sweet smelling oil and incense.  The use of Obba incense during worship ceremony creates a communication between the worshippers and the orisha. Let us see a simple recipe for preparing an Oba incense and devotional oil. […]