The Magical Properties of the Mandrake Root

The mandrake is one of the most famous plants used in Wiccan practices because of its numerous magical abilities. Mandrake belongs to the Solanee family and is known to have roots that look like human genitals. It has long thick root with dark green leaves, white flowers with a purple hue and its fruit are […]

The Significance of Satanic Symbols

In Satanism, there are different symbols with powerful spiritual meaning in relation to humanity attaining the divinity of perfection, physical and spiritual immortality. These symbols are used in worship practices as they have the ability to create a connection between the worshipper and his god. In this blog we shall highlight some common symbols and their […]

The Significance Of The Beltane Night Celebration

The Beltane is one of the major Sabbaths of the pagan tradition. The celebration of this festival starts on the eve of April 30th and extends to May 1. The origin of Beltane can be traced to the Druids who celebrated fire and light. The “Bel” means brilliant and “Teine” means Fire. This celebration is […]

Black Magic Spell to Separate Married Couples

Is there a spell to separate a married couple? The answer is yes. But the question should be: why would anyone wish to separate a married couple?Well, there are many reasons why people choose to separate a couple. In a family where a girl decides to get married to a man despite her mum’s disapproval, […]

The Meaning of Different Colors of Feathers

The relationship between a man and his god requires a steady communication and to achieve this, there are different ways spiritual beings send messages to mortals. These messages can come in forms such as; your dreams, your thoughts, your instincts, through someone else, through signs and objects.

The Three Kings Game to Summon a Ghost

This game supposedly allows access to “The side of the shadows”, a site that may or may not be real. It is forbidden to use drugs or alcohol during the night that it is performed, as this can bring strong mental and spiritual consequences. While performing this game, the instructions must be followed to perfection […]


queen cups

Secretive, creative woman. Oft times “the other woman” in an illicit affair. Gossipy and vindictive. Emotional. Cups Theme: Emotions Astrological association: Water Season for timing: Summer   The personality of the Queen of Cups combines the positive water energy of the Cups suit with the inward focus of a Queen. Because she has a sweet, loving and sensitive […]

The Witches Magical Tools

In Wicca, there are different tools used in carrying out the rituals. Each of these tools has different associations and uses. These tools work magic by directing psychic energy to perform a certain action. Also, they can be used to honor deities. Wicca tools are used only by the owner (or a coven) to ensure […]