How to Interpret Some Common Dreams

How to Protect Yourself From Nightmare Experiences

The world of dreams is a very mysterious place that leaves a person in a confused state especially if the interpretation of the dream is unknown. The people or situations you often dream about could be something more than a deep and unsatisfied desire, just as no dream represents the same thing. Sigmund Freud and […]

The Triple Goddess

The triple moon is a Goddess symbol mentioned in Robert Graves writings. It is commonly mentioned in neopaganism as a symbol that represents the Maiden, Mother, and Crone as the waxing, full, and waning moon. The Triple goddess is associated with feminine energy, psychic abilities and mystery. This symbol can be seen on the crowns […]

6 Aphrodisiac Infusions to Awaken Sexual Passion

Do you have a partner who seems to have lost the passion for sex? Sometimes, it could be as a result of stress, trauma or the presence of a disease condition. It could also be that you are the one experiencing low libido and your partner has started complaining about it. Well, there is no […]


The primary reason why we use soaps is to cleanse our body of dirt and feel refreshed again. There are some soaps that provide both physical and spiritual body cleansing and healing when used. Despite being made from some natural ingredients (the plants, and essential oils) found around us, these soaps are usually very magical […]

The Meaning of The Aura Colors


All living things generate a magnetic energy field that can be perceived, felt and even seen around the physical body. This magnetic field is referred to as The Aura. As long as you have  oxygen flowing through your lungs then that means you have a functioning aura. For example; we all have the ability to […]

The Significance Of Beltane Night Celebration

Beltane is one of the major Sabbaths of the pagan tradition. The celebration of this festival starts on the eve of April 30th and extends to May 1. The origin of Beltane can be traced to the Druids who celebrated fire and light. The “Bel” means brilliant and “Teine” means Fire. This celebration is done […]

Green Magic Spells for Business and Wealth

Green magic is a type of magic that uses elements of nature as its main ingredients. These elements include; plants, flowers, herbs, roots, etc. Green  Magic is more linked to Phytotherapy and it has been a form of alternative medicine in many cultures. Due to its successful results, this type of magic has been in […]



The aura is made up of electromagnetic energy that keeps attracting different energy particles towards us. These energies come from our environment and the people around us. For example; a hectic day can make you feel angry and exhausted and when your aura gets filled with negative energies, you will need a thorough cleansing in […]