The Spiritual and Magical Uses of Patchouli Plant

The patchouli plant is a member of the mint family. Its shrub grows in Indonesia, China, India, Sri Lanka, Philippines and Madagascar. It has a strong smell which might be nostalgic to some people. It can also be used for relaxation. Due to its particular aroma, practitioners of witchcraft use the herb in two forms […]

The Four of Swords

The Four of Swords

The Four of Swords appears when it is time to benefit from meditation, rest, imagination and renewal. Are you overwhelmed, perplexed, uncertain? Time for complete rejuvenation. Take time to sit in the silent neutral void of the heart. Go through your personal flavor of self, back into the universal love flow. Remove yourself from the […]

Knight of Swords

Knight of swords

Knight of Swords Knights are always on a mission to complete the task at hand. However, The Knight of Swords represents a period of constant change. New ideas, sudden inspirations, or the desire to pursue an adolescent-like adventure may upend the stability of the current environment. Although the Knight completes his task, he may do […]

The Tower

tarot card

The Tower (XVI) is the 16th trump or Major Arcana card in most Italian-suited Tarot decks. It is used in game playing since the 15th as well as in divination since the mid-19th century.(4) This card follows immediately after The Devil in all Tarots that contain it, and is associated with sudden, disruptive, revelation, and potentially destructive change. Depiction:  […]

The Three of Wands

In General: The Minor Arcana represents your choices and actions throughout the realization of your destiny. The Wands represent the spark plugs of the Tarot, the spark of creativity and the birth of an idea. The Wands are oriented toward action, growth and the realization of your dreams.(3) The Wands or Rods or Batons as they are sometimes called, is […]

Witches’ Esbats and the Charge of the Goddess

An Esbat is a gathering of witches at any time other than Sabbath and its celebrations correspond to the celebrations of the full moon. During Ebats witches carry out different rituals to honor and maintain relationships with a shared deity and to honor spirits and ancestors.   When the moon is full, she calls the […]

The Significance of Blood Magic

Blood is an important substance that gives us life. It is a very powerful substance that is barely joked with. Blood magic is the act of adding a few drops of blood in a ritual to enhance the effect, speed and action of the ritual. Without this liquid the spell can be seen as common.  […]

The Different Practices Of Witchcraft

Witchcraft is the art of doing supernatural things due to the possession of extraordinary power which enables the individual to practice different witches’ spells and magic. This craft is very old as evidence of talismans and other sorcery items were found in archaeological sites.