The Magical Power of Snow and Ice

Ice magick is using ice and snow to enhance spell work. Although well known in the West, divination with ice is widespread in Asia, particularly in the Himalayan region. Through this method of consultation, you can get the answers about your future, your love, professional and spiritual life and you can also learn what actions […]

Interesting things you didn’t know about Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are becoming increasingly well known in popular culture, and common myths about the cards are starting to be dispelled. For example, most people now realise that Tarot cards aren’t designed to read the future, though they may be a tool used by psychics and clairvoyants to channel their skill. Most people now realise […]

Effective Spells Cast With Rose of Jericho

The Rose of Jericho also known as the resurrection plant has the ability to boom into a beautiful green plant when submerged into water. When dry it has a brown color but when put in water it spirals from the inside out and turns into a beautiful green sacred geometry plant.

How to Cast Revenge Spells on Your Enemies

Have you been experiencing failures and setbacks? Did the doctor say you have got a deteriorating health despite all the treatments you have been on? Then it might be that someone has cast a hex on you. Let us assume that you have found out the person behind all the negative things that have happened […]


If in addition to the decoration of your home, you care about the aromas, then this recipe is ideal for you. Combining natural elements you can make some incense as aromatic as the ones sold in any store. Natural cones and incense sticks as well as powdered incense mixes can be made and appreciated at home.

The Sex Ritual Ceremony in Luciferianism

In Luciferianism, there are different types of ceremonies that are being celebrated one of such is the Sex ritual. This ritual is mostly done on the appearance of full moon. On the sex ritual night, Satanists from different covens are expected to gather at their headquarters for the celebration.

How to Keep Someone Away From You Using Freezing Rituals

Freezing rituals and spells are magical procedures used to restrain a person. Also, this kind of ritual is used to stop the occurrence of something. That is why the term freeze is used because what is sought is to “cool” a situation or a person. This cooling implies that we try to remove energy or […]

The Magical Properties of the Mandrake Root

The mandrake is one of the most famous plants used in Wiccan practices because of its numerous magical abilities. Mandrake belongs to the Solanee family and is known to have roots that look like human genitals. It has long thick root with dark green leaves, white flowers with a purple hue and its fruit are […]

The Significance of Satanic Symbols

In Satanism, there are different symbols with powerful spiritual meaning in relation to humanity attaining the divinity of perfection, physical and spiritual immortality. These symbols are used in worship practices as they have the ability to create a connection between the worshipper and his god. In this blog we shall highlight some common symbols and their […]