Spells To Perform Using Black Candles

Candles are used for a variety of purposes such as: for decoration, for energizing, and for lighting in the absence of light at home. The colors of candles provide a different kind of energy and can be used for specific purposes. Black candles are often used when performing dark magic with strong negative energy. It […]


The spell of the 7 candles on Halloween combines all the magical and spiritual power of the night. It is a very simple spell that you can perform at home with a few items. PURPOSE: The Seven Candle spells on Halloween night is very effective to boost self-confidence and enable the individual to achieve his […]


Lithomancy is an act of divining with stones, crystals and gemstones. This act of divination is said to have started in the Middle East. This hypothesis is based on the evidence found by an archaeologist from Cornell University in 2015 and through this research, they found three sanctuaries, one of them dedicated to lithomancy. According […]

How to Consecrate the Tarot Cards

Tarot cards have been in existence since ancient time. These tools are very symbolic in the world of magic and are primarily used as an oracle. Before using your tarot, you are expected to consecrate and charge it with the power of moonlight. This should be done after you have cleansed it with the four […]

How to Celebrate Mabon


Mabon within Wicca and other forms of Neopaganism, is the Sabbath (festivity) corresponding to the Autumn Equinox. It is one of the eight most important celebrations within Wicca, having a very important role within the Wheel of the Year.


Have you ever looked up to the sky and tried to read and understand the shapes of the clouds? Do you think it is even possible to understand the clouds? Well, that is what Aeromancy is all about. Aeromancy, (from the Greek aero: “air” and manteia: “divination”,) is a means of divination through the interpretation […]

Spells to Chase Away an Enemy

Do you have someone who hates you so much and wants to see your downfall? When a close friend or relative suddenly turns into an enemy then keeping them close to you could be very dangerous. For this reason, you might want to perform a spell to chase the individual out of your life. Below […]