Spells to Chase Away an Enemy

Do you have someone who hates you so much and wants to see your downfall? When a close friend or relative suddenly turns into an enemy then keeping them close to you could be very dangerous. For this reason, you might want to perform a spell to chase the individual out of your life. Below […]


Epidote reminds you that there is plenty for everyone, including good health, sufficient income and unconditional love. This stone assures you that all your basic needs are met with an abundance left over to share with others. It helps you relax into the knowledge that nothing is lacking. Use this stone to increase good health, […]


It is well known that everyone seeks for true love and will do everything to retain it when they get it. Sometimes, the entry of third parties to the relationship can be harmful. There are different actions that are carried out to make a partner to remain faithful. One of such actions includes performing a […]

What you Should Know About Grey Magic

Grey magic (which is also known as neutral magic) is the magic that is performed with no intent of benefiting anything. It is referred to as an intermediate point between good and evil and where there is a genuine balance between all forces. Both the negative and the positive must be in harmony so that […]

Reiki Therapy: Origin and Benefits

In modern times, humanity has become aware of the importance of preserving both physical and mental health. More and more people are turning to different disciplines and techniques, mainly those of Western origin that practice self-healing through various spiritual methods. According to the experiences and reports about this type of practices, it is known that […]