Money magic spells and rituals need to be done regularly and by using a variety of methods.

If you want to bring money your way, try a few of these ideas.

Jupiter Energy

Money spells should be done in the day and hour of Jupiter – Thursday.

Green candles, dressed with Jupiter oil, money oils, or prosperity oils are all great for dressing the candles. Perfume the air to entice the spirits of Jupiter energies with Jupiter incense.

Sitting the candle on a talisman such as the 2nd Pentacle of Jupiter would be beneficial for acquiring riches and having peace of mind! – If you are working with seals, make sure you grab the Seal Of Solomon Pentacles Set when you see them in stock – as these will sell out fast, and be out of product for extended periods of time.


***Second Pentacle of Jupiter****
A powerful magical seal that utilizes the energies of Jupiter, this amulet aids in acquiring glory, honor, dignity and riches.

Magical Herbs for Money & Prosperity:

To begin money spells, you probably have everything you need in your kitchen already.

  • Bay leaf: Use in incense blends for money spells to bring a few extra dollars your way.
  • Basil: Crush up the leaves and sprinkle around your home to bring money towards you, or use them in a Money Mojo Bag.
  • Mint leaves – Draw money
  • Garlic – to keep money once you have it
  • Clover: Carry a clover in your wallet to bring money your way, or plant it around your house to bring all-around prosperity.
  • Tonka bean: In many forms of folk magic, tonka beans are carried on your person, or the oil is rubbed on a money talisman to draw financial abundance your way.

Dream Job Spell with Belial

Candles always work well when dealing with aims and aspirations. This spell introduces some of the techniques beloved of those who believe in using the Element of Fire, which represents drive.

The Demon to petition is Belial. Belial assist people to achieve job promotions and achieve “higher titles.”

Begin on the night of a New Moon.

You will need:

•   2 BROWN CANDLES -to represent the job

•   GREEN CANDLE (for prosperity)


  • male candle or female candle
  • Your birth color candle



**You may need chime candle holders if you don’t have them


BWC Tip – You may wish to print out the sigil of Belial (or your deity) before you begin, and spend some time clearing your mind and focusing on the connection to the spirit and your goal.

  1. Light your prosperity incense.
  2. Anoint the candles with the prosperity oil from wick to end, since you want the good things to come towards you.
  3. Place one of the brown candles in the centre of your chosen space. Place the green one on the right, with your personal candle on the left.
  4. As you light your personal candle, say: “Open the way, clear my sight. Bring me chance, that is my right.
  5. Light the green candle and say: “Good luck is mine and true victory, Help me Great One, come to me.
  6. Light the brown candle and say: “Openings, work, rewards I see,
  7. And as I will, So Must it Be.
  8. Leave the candles to burn out completely.
  9. Burn the sigil if you had one and free the ashes outside to the earth.


Simple Money Mojo Bag Spell

  • On a Thursday, you can call to your deity to hear you, or just to universal source energy.
  • Fill a small black mojo with silver coins (3, 5, or 7).
  • Add:
    • 3 mint leaves
    • 4 garlic cloves
    • A drawing of a pentacle on gold or yellow paper
    • Silver glitter
    • A small silver bell or ball that makes noise (to dispel negative energy around your money)
  • Method:
    • On a slip of paper, write your name and the amount of money needed
    • Place paper inside the mojo with other objects
    • Dress in money oil
    • Breath into the bag 3 times – to give it life
    • Say the following chant nine times while shaking the purse:

Money, money, come to me.

Bring me all I ask of thee

Silver coins and silver bells,

Gift abundance now and dwell

  • Begin saying softly, then increase volume of voice as you raise energy
  • Light a green candle, and sit the mojo on altar next to the candle.
  • Each day, return to the mojo and repeat the above, until the candle flame dies.
  • It’s now complete – Leave the mojo on your altar or carry with you until you receive the money.


Black Witch Coven: Setting of Lights Service – Prosperity Candle

Money Candles

Jar/Glass Candles

Figure Candles

  • Green Male Candle
  • Green Skull
  • Green Male Candle
  • Green Female Candle


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