Magic for Court and Legal Cases

Magic spells to win a court case can work very well. Most magic spells will take some time to manifest, and that time depends on many factors, including the ability of the witch and the complexity of the case. However if you’re already magically proficient, some of these techniques could produce you instant results – still, you are at the mercy of the unseen!


If you’ve been working with a spiritual entity, you’ll need to work with that spirit urgently, and explain what your needs are – to put forward a case of your own before the big day in court. For example, Eligor/Eligos is the Demon that is known to help people with their court case. For tips on working with Eligos

  • Best to do legal and court workings on a Thursday
  • Set up an altar in a North direction
  • Print out or draw the sigil of Eligos (place on the altar in a frame)
  • Use  Sandalwood Oil on  a Yellow or Green candle, to attract the demon to the space
  • Dress the candle with thyme
  • Perfume the work space with  Sandalwood Incense 
  • Write a petition of what you want to achieve in the court case (you can write on the court jar candles if you are using this spell method)
  • Call to the demon using his ENN: Aylan Abigor Tasa Van on ca
  • When you feel a presence, state your petition with passion until you expand all your energy.
  • Place the petition either:
    • on an offering plate  or bowl on your altar
    • Burn the petition in the offering bowl
    • Place the petition under a prepared Court Case candle, allowing to burn for 5 to 7 days.
  • Ground your energy as desired.
  • TIP – Use the 7 of Wands tarot card displayed on your altar too! The Seven of Wands may indicate that a positive change is coming your way, either in your personal or in your career. The Seven of Wands can also indicate an obstacle being overcome by being self confident, focused and hard-working.

  Credit: Black Witch Coven  

eligos sigil
Sigil: Goetia Demon #15
He grants favor in court cases and legal affairs, and helps to attract business and financial success. – Joy Of Satan


TIP – Even if you can’t feel or hear him, Just talk with him. Ask for help and if he will be willing to help you. Explain that you can’t communicate with demons yet, but you want to learn how to.



Creating a sigil is another idea that can quickly work in your favour. However, you will need to know how to create a sigil first, and that takes longer than one night to learn.

  • Chaos Protocols By Goddon White – Learn sigil creation in Gordon’s Chaos magic book



A talented clairvoyant/ psychic medium maybe able to influence the thoughts of main decision-makers. This work is not cheap, as these mediums have a very specific and unique skill. Most of the time they will need at least a few sessions to have effective manipulation. So once again this could be problematic if you’re relying on winning the court case the next day! See How to move objects with your mind


You can start by candle burning work now. Most candles are for use over 3 to 7 days. If you want an idea about the outcome of the case, learn how to read the candle burning itself. You should start at least 10 days before your case. There are many variations of HOW to do this process, but don’t get caught up in it right now. What is most important, is that the work/spell gets done. Your spiritual helper knows what to do.


Methodsnake candle

Step 1: Obtain the candle 

Any of the candles listed below is perfect for this work. In hoodoo style magic, you can use 7-Day glass jar candles. These candles take between 5 to 7 days to completion. I suggest you keep a CONTINUOUS candle burning towards to goal. That means, taking the flame from one candle and lighting the next candle in the series. Traditionally, you only buy odd numbers of these candles e.g. 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 and 13. 

7-Day Jar Candles


Court case


Blue 7-day Jar Candle

Holy Death Red 7 Day Jar Candle

Other Legal Candles  – you can burn a single candle instead (a different method)

Legal Matters Lailokens Awen Candle

Justice Ritual Candle

Make Opposing Lawyer Stupid Orange Purple

Step 2: The Petition

Write down what you want as the outcome of the case, onto a paper.

Step 3: Dress the Candle

Dress with oils or powders.

  • Galangal Oil  Named for the Galangal root used in Hoodoo magic and similar practice, this oil is intended to help you sway favor of judges and juries, and otherwise aid you in winning at court
  • Court Oil  –  Court Case Oil is a magical oil which can be used to turn all judgments in your favor. Our specially formulated Court Case Oil can be worn on the body, used to anoint your legal documents or used to dress a 7 Day Court Case Candle.
  •  Snake Oil 
  • Just Judge Oil is a magical oil used to achieve victory in the court room. Use it to influence the judge in your favor. Wear on the body or use to dress our 7 Day Just Judge Candle.
  • 1oz Santa Muerte Oil

Step 4: Lighting the Candle

Do as you like here, as everyone will develop their own technique. Basically these are the steps

  • Place the paper under the candle.
  • Light the candle.
  • Then you call on your spirit (personal choice) to help you with the spells successful outcome.
  • Some people pray psalms

Step 5: During & After

  • Pay attention to the candle during the burn – noises, exploding glass, flame dancing etc are all messages.

See – How to read candle flames If you want to learn more about reading candle flame I recommend:

If the above sounds difficult – just buy a court case kit as it contains everything plus instructions.


Can you do work for a friend?
You can burn the candle on behalf of your friend. Try and get something personal from them. Also grab the lawyer’s Business Card.


Layering your magical work and spells, increases the  probability for success. You should consider wearing a Talisman now, which can draw the right type of energy toward you during this time. For example, the talisman below states this benefit

Strengthening your own powers of charisma and your ability to gain sympathy, this amulet is intended to aid in winning court cases.



Hoodoo folk magic can be successful too. You’ll just need a little bit more time to prepare yourself, and the documents! I have used most all these for myself and for clients, including:

  • Mojo bags – **** MUST DO***** I would also make a mojo bag to carry with me to court, using the herbs suggested below, and anointing the bag with the court case oil.
  • Candle burning vigils – Morning and afternoon is recommended. The main thing is that you light them regularly, steadily, and with faith and confidence as the time for the court appearance approaches.
  • Dressing court documents – All paperwork you can dress with court case powder is very helpful. You just lightly sprinkle the powder on the documents, and state your intention as you do so. Especially the documents the judge himself would touch. The idea is that once the powder is touched, people will favor your side of the story.
  • Baths (3 spiritual baths before the big day)
Popular Hoodoo Oils for Court Include: (additionally to those listed above)
  • Dove’s Blood Oil is a magical oil commonly used for success in any court matters and any type of negotiation
  • Court Case or Just Judge oil, would be a good choice to anoint the candle with. Just Judge oil protects from earthly harm, gives justice to one’s enemies, and is used as a shield from evildoers. Very often Justice Judge Oil is used in unfair court cases and triumphs for the underdog. Use this oil for justice spells, especially in court cases.
  • In criminal cases where one wishes for a defendant to receive a harsh sentence, up to and including the death penalty, powders and oils such as the D.U.M.E. range are added to the candle – or burnt on a charcoal disc.
  • Home made court case oils! Make your own with our quick recipe below


Make your own court case oil using my special mix, based on Hoodoo Traditions from New Orleans friends.

Galangal Root (high john root)
  1. Blend the above oils in equal portions, in carrier oil and add a piece of Devil’s Shoestring and a piece of galangal root to the mixture.
  2. Add to the bath for three days before your court date and anoint you arms, chest and throat on court day.
  3. Place a few drops on you hands and rub together briskly before signing important legal documents.


I would totally recommend you create a mojo bag now, and wear it on your body as soon as its made! You can use herbs such as:

• Black Poppy seeds – To cause confusion to your enemies, you may add a pinch of black mustard seeds or black poppy seeds
Calendula (Marigold) Flowers – Promote legal victory, winning in court, and self-respect
Deer’s tongue leaves– For eloquence in your attorneys speech
Slippery Elm – Against gossip, lies and those trying to slander you in 
• Galangal (Little John– This is considered “courtcase” root and 
should be carried or chewed whenever you go to court.
High John the Conqueror – For personal power and mastery
• Solomon’s Seal – For judge’s wisdom (especially when you are 
wrongly accused)
Low John is a common name referring to more than one plant. A powerful aid in seeking victory in court cases, Low John Trilliums are also used in spells of money drawing, protection, hex and curse breaking, especially powerful for couples in love and passion enhancing. For Hoodoo and southern Low John see Galangal – Alpinia galanga often called Chewing John.


If the Goetia demons make you feel uncomfortable, here are another two spirits to consider! You need to begin a relationship with a spirit.
If you don’t honor a spirit already, these female deity should be studied. Choose the deity which you can align with the most.
Goddess Lakshmi i
Sante Muerte



  • If you don’t want to bother with all these ingredients or witchcraft, and you only want to do a spell just for a court case then I recommend buying a Court Case Kit. It has everything included in the kit, including the spell. Kits are always an easy and more affordable option to people looking to do spellcasting for a specific or single reason.
  • Also connect to my energy by placing the BWC Sigil under the candle too.
  • Lovage Root is an excellent herb for success in court. 6 days prior to appearing in court place the Lovage Root and 2 quarts of water into a jar. Place your court papers under the jar for 3 days.


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