Secret Desires magic and spellcasting is perfect for helping you achieve whatever desire you seek, or in using if you just feel as though there is something missing in your life that you just can`t quite put your finger on. Herbs, candles, and spells are typically used. For example, here are typical reasons why people use herbs in secret desire spells.

Better Luck

Luck is simply the knack for being in the right place at the right time, saying the right things, and acting on instinct. If a person is not naturally “lucky” such an ability can be acquired through the use of herbs. How this “luck” will manifest is left unstated, but luck herbs are usually utilized when a person has had a run of “bad” luck—and wishes to change this to good. Luck herbs give you the power to make your own “good” luck.

Better Health

As with most types of magic, prevention is better than cure, so if you’re prone to bad health it might be wise to carry some of these herbs at all times. Replace them regularly (every three months or so).

Bring the Love we Want

Love magic should be of one type—to attract an unspecified person into your life. Thus, simply stated, love herbs will place you in situations where you will meet people, help you to overcome shyness (if necessary), and communicate that you are more than in the mood for love.

  • Caraway – The caraway serves as protection against Lilith, as well as all manner of evil spirits, entities and plain old negativity. It is often carried for this purpose. Any object which holds some caraway seeds is theftproof. The seeds are also used to encourage fidelity, and are placed in sachets and talismans to attract a mate.
  • Cherry – used to stimulate or attract love

Bring Lust

These plants have been used for centuries to create a sexual desire in those near them. Not surprisingly, they are commonly used to arouse another person’s lust, perhaps against their will. However, they are also used as love herbs are: to attract others who desire sexual contacts, and this is certainly less manipulatory than the former use.


  • Devils Shoestring – this herb wards off evil when worn around the neck, and protects its bearer against accidental poisoning. Gamblers carry devil’s shoestring as a good luck charm. Cut the root into small pieces, place in a jar filled with whiskey and spirits of camphor. When you need power of any kind, take out a piece of root and rub your hands with it. Then use the root in the appropriate way (ie., if money is desired, place near money or in the wallet). A piece of devil’s shoestring carried in the pocket while seeking employment (or while having problems at work) will either help you get hired, or will smooth out the difficulties. Also carry when asking for a raise in pay.
  • John the Conquerer – Anoint one of the roots with mint oil and tie up in a green sachet. Carry to attract money
  • Sage is carried to promote wisdom, and the leaves are used in countless healing and money spells.


Our product range includes:

Secret Desire Fulfilled Ritual Candle

Secret Desire Fulfilled Ritual Kit

Secret Desire Fulfilled Boxed Ritual Kit

secret desires candle

Secret Desires Candle

The traditional secrets desire candle is colored both blue and pink. If you couldn’t obtain a Screen Printed secret desires candle, you could obtain a pink or blue candle based on the color logic as listed below.

The candle is intended to be burned while speaking a prayer for the secret desires of the body, a prayer for the secret desires of the mind, and a prayer for the secret desires of the heart, to help bring those secret desires that you need into your life.

Why the dual colors?

  • blue (royal) –  Mostly used to confer wisdom, protection, and good fortune. Increases spiritual awareness. Also increases communication, which can cause change. Can bring about a deep meditation state. Used in rituals that need increased Saturn energy.
  • pink – love affection and romance.Friendship, sweet love. Represents emotions from the heart and raises energies. This is the standard for all rituals that are used to draw love.

The secrets Desires candle was introduced to me in New Orleans, by F & F Botanicas’ “Jonathan” (rip). I was looking for a candle for my clients who wanted their target to feel emotions towards them….that they normally wouldn’t feel.  He said this candle was best to use, when you want to imprint on the target, your own desires of love or lust… perhaps a desire that the target doesn’t share!

Working with the Secrets Desires candle

I like to dress the candle with an oil or herb to correspond with the goal or desire. For example:

2 Color 7-day Pink/ Green jar candle
This candle comes in a clear jar 8 1/4″ x 2 1/2″ with a single wick; it is filled to allow for melted wax to gather at the top on the initial lighting. It will burn continuously for 5-7 days. Use for any purpose: Pink for new or rekindled love, green to bring prosperity and bounty.

  • Adding Orris Root or Patchouli to get the target to lust over me
  • Adding Sculcap to get commitment from the target (or everlasting love)
  • High John is great to use or love, luck, money, and lust (if you have nothing better).
  • Coltsfoot can increase the love and healing, so great for situations where there is a relationship wound to heal

Before you light the candle for the first time, focus your will entirely upon it, visualizing your intended results being woven in and all around the candle. Let your mind fill with an awareness of the candle flame as a beacon, calling what you most desire to your door.

As the candle burns down to its base, keep your thoughts set upon the positive manifestations of attaining these desires.

Secret Desire Candle Prayers

Here on this candle there are three separate places to write the secret desires of your own mind body and heart.

After you read these three prayers, you will understand the true essence of this candle, that it goes much deeper than just for gaining love or lust!

For the secret desires of the mind.

May the secret desires of my mind bring me peace and everlasting glory in this world and happiness be multiplied by the inspired spirit of the thoughts of my mind.

May my mind with the help of the powers that be work in such ways as to bring me money and luck in the gaining of the good things of life.

Pray for the secret desires of my body.

May the secret desires of my body be all powerful in giving me a traction, strength, and health,.

May the beauty of my divinely created body have lasting power and compelling influence over my love one.

May my body be sweet in the desires of all who touch me.

Pray for secret desires of my heart.

May the secret desires of my heart bring me true lasting love and the power of faith and friendship.

May they keep love ones close to me that they open their hearts to receive me.

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