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Magick for Gambling and Winning

There are many beliefs and superstitions on how to win. Both witches and the everyday person have success using their own tricks for increasing their chances of winning at Casinos to Lottery Draws.

Curios are just objects until you infuse life into the object with your magical cosmic intention. There are so tips to share, however these should give you a nice launch into gambling success!

Remember – Magic for Fortune and luck uses a different tactics and objects than with money magic spells.

Spirit Guides & Ancestors – We know they mostly give us answers in our dream state, so I recommend you take this advice first. Learn how to LISTEN to their messages as they may be giving you the winning numbers and you haven’t been listen. I recommend a book below to help you connect.

Lottery Number Dreambook 

This book can be a powerful and important tool to help you profit from the messages in your dreams. Inside you will find numerological interpretations for over 3000 dream symbols.

TIP: Keep a pad and pencil near your bed and write down the most outstanding feature of each dream you have during the night. In the morning, find the topic within these pages and use those numbers in your daily lottery picks.

Black Cat products are very traditional in hoodoo and conjure for gambling. Traditionally, the products were made by boiling of a black cat at midnight, and creating all the byproducts from this ritual. You will be happy to know that modern black cat products are not made with the same methods – so you decide for yourself!

Other Ideas



If making your own lucky talisman is too much work for you, buy a ready made talisman. When you receive it, just run it through some incense to bring life into it, and share with it your purpose!


Mojo’s & Voodoo’s

money mojo


Lottery Oils

1oz Lottery Oil

Wealthy Way Oil 4 Dram

1-3oz Lucky Lottery (loteria D Srte) W- Pheromones

Prosperity Oil 4 Dram

Haitian Gambler Oil With Root 4 Dram

Lady Luck Oil 4 Dram


Larger Sizes (for weekly work)

16oz Winning Number Oil

16oz Lottery Oil


Jar Candles


SPECIAL OFFER: Buy 2 Jar/Glass candles and receive 1 Free (or $10 discount).

We support your magical goals! It is always better to burn consecutive candles on a petition. Also, don’t forget…..we always burn candles in ODD numbers. 


Herbs For Fortune and luck:

Don’t forget these ol time homemade luck curios

The Wishbone Wishing Ritual

1. Carefully remove the wishbone from the turkey. The wishbone is very fragile so do your best to avoid breaking it. If the wishbone is broken before the ritual can be done then it is useless and you miss out on the wish for the year. 

2. Two people will think of a wish. Do not speak the wish out loud but rather keep it to yourself. 

3. Each person will grab one end of the wishbone and then close their eyes. 

4. At a given signal, each person will pull their end of the wishbone until the wishbone snaps in two pieces. The two can then open their eyes.

5. The person holding the longer portion of the wishbone will have his/her wish granted. Again, keep the wish a secret and do not speak it out loud or tell anyone else what the wish is. 



Links to BMW Gambling Books:

Lottery Number Dreambook By Original


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