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Remember – Magic for Fortune and Luck uses different tactics and objects than with money magic spells.

Have you noticed that some people are always lucky? They win all games and lottery, have a wonderful relationship, get the best job offers or promotions, and everything seems to be working in their favor. Whereas, other people never get lucky no matter how hard they try. I believe luck is accumulative. It begins with a mindset, and then following your specific actions, positive events begin to happen in your life, and it just snowballs from there.

There are many things that affect the kind of luck you have. Some people believe that stones and gems have the power to influence the fate of people, while others believe that the positions of stars and planets have a direct influence on our lives.

If you do not have a natural lucky star guiding you then you can actually attract one. Just try out the following tips.

Tips for Good Luck

  1. Always be Positive:

We all suffer negative things, but a good way to combat them is to use our own positive energy. If you wish to attract good luck then you must have an optimistic attitude that sees the good sides in every situation.

If you find yourself, struggling with being positive, then you need to wear the appropriate stone where it touches your skin.

  1. Surround Yourself with Green Color:

Luck is often seen in the green color. Make green your favorite choice and you will see how lucky you will become.

  1. Prophesy to your soul:

Aside from having an optimistic attitude you must learn how to prophesy good things to your soul. Say something good as soon as you wake up in the morning. It will only take a moment and will serve you for the whole day.

  1. Carry Luck charms on you:

A little luck charm in your pocket or purse can attract luck to you if you believe in its power. In hoodoo, lucky charms are often put in a Mojo or a gris gris bag and worn on your person. It’s important that it touches your skin for most types of blessings. Otherwise, it could be put in a wallet or in a pocket, somewhere that you touch it when you need its magical inspiration and blessing.

If you have a certain object that inspires you, you can use it as a good luck charm. Always carry it on you. In witchcraft, it is more common that you wear the talisman on your skin. Such as with rings, earrings, or necklaces.


  Good Luck Spell

Good Luck Spell pendant
Wear your magic with this spell pendant. Aid in bringing you good luck “By life, by love, by liberty, all good luck comes to me
  1. Follow your instinct:

There is always a small voice that tends to guide us on what to do especially in difficult situations. Listening and obeying our instincts can attract our stars.

  1. Trust in Angels/Saints/Other Beings!

Angels are not just pictorial representations. They are also providers of luck and happiness. If angels aren’t your thing then petition a saint. If they aren’t your thing then work with your ancestors. Ask the spirit for help. If you don’t ask you will not receive. This is very true, as many people don’t even ask for help when they are down on their luck.

If you have a demon or deity you adore, you can call on them to shine the stars of luck on you. I guess we should’ve titled this point as trust in spirit!

Saints for Good Luck

Saint Patrick

  • Feast day: March 17
  • Day of the week: Sunday
  • Emblem: Shamrock and snakes
  • Color of candle: White
  • Petition for protection against snakebite, prosperity, luck, spiritual wisdom, guidance.
  • A popular saint with the Irish people

Our Lady of Guadelupe  

  • Feast day: December 12
  • Day of the week: First day of each month
  • Color of candle: Pink, white, or three colors: green, white, and red.
  • Petition for matters concerning peace, sickness, help in any situation, luck for the month.
  • Patroness of Mexico and the Americas.

Saint John the Baptist  

  • Feast day: June 24
  • Day of the week: Tuesday
  • Color of candle: Green
  • Petition for good luck, good crops, fertility, protection from enemies.


  1. Be good to people:

Be kind to people and your kindness will return to you in double fold.

    8. Perform rituals to attract luck

There are several spells you can cast to attract good luck to you. For example, you can use the power of the full moon to call luck and money to your house.

How do you do this? On a full moon night, fill a pot with water then put a silver coin into it. Ensure that the surface of the water reflects the moon.

Then gently pass your hand through the water and recite this:

“Oh Powerful Moon! Bring me wealth and luck. I fill my heart with silver and positive emotions so good luck can enter my life” 


Products for Good Luck

There are so many products for good luck, so I hope to share with you the basics all the most common ones below as this can be helpful if you are new to magic.

Candle magic is one of the most basic, yet effective, skills to master. It doesn’t require many materials — the simplest spells only call for a candle — but few other spells can match it for versatility. Whether you are new to magic or an advanced practitioner, there is always something to learn to enhance your candle spells.

Cat Candles

Cat candles attract good luck as with cat’s having 9 lives and always landing on their feet. Additionally, focus on the colour of the cat to help bring luck and assistance to specific areas in your life.

Green Cat Candle – may be especially helpful with spell work that involves anxiety, depression, hope, health, adventure, renewal, self control, compassion, harmony, wealth, prosperity, and abundance.

Jar Candles

There are just so many to choose from, but here are some of my favorites:

Green Money, luck, financial success and prosperity, fertility, good crops and harvest, cooperation, healing

Cross of Caravaca This yellow candle is known as the Wishing Cross. When used with a tonka bean, it brings good luck and opens your roads.

Chango Macho This gold-colored candle is used to changing bad luck to good fortune.

Fast Luck You will find this candle in green, and in two colors, gold and green, or pink and green. It is burned to bring luck in a hurry. Use in combination with other candles. It also comes in seven colors.

Road Opener You will find this candle in three colors: orange, green, and gold. It is best used with a Purple Uncrossing and a Reversible to remove blocks preventing your luck and money from flowing to you. Start new projects.

 Fast Luck cologne
Fast Luck cologne (5 fl oz)
A mystical aid for your every day, a dro

Fast Luck cologne

A mystical aid for your every day, a drop or two of this Fast Luck cologne brings good luck into your life.

Fast Luck Powder

Fast Luck powder is traditionally used to bring luck back on your side.

Fast Luck sachet powder is a versatile magical product. Traditionally used to dress important paperwork or petitions, sprinkling on the ground where the target will walk over, as a magical carpet sprinkler, container spells, mojo bags, or simply sprinkle on your altar. Safe to use on skin as a magical scented body powder, add to baths, and can be used to dress candle after oil is added.

Fast Luck Mojo Bag

Fast Luck and Chance Mojo bag. Wearable for 21 days, as needed. You can also put it under your pillow. During the time you wear the Mojo bag, take a few minutes each day to think about the energies that are at work to fulfill your request.

Fast Luck Wash

Each wash contains a blend of essential oils and fragrances in a base carrier wash and may be added to ritual bath water or to wash water for ritual use in cleaning floors, walls, windows, etc. All of this has been mixed to create the perfect balance of power and scent in your undertakings.

8oz Fast Luck (suerte Rapida) Wash

8oz Double Fast Luck (doble Buena Suerte) Wash

1 1-4oz Double Fast Luck ( Aromatic Bath Herb )


Basil Water is intended to be added to a bath to help wash away bad luck and bring in the good, particularly when you are seeking good fortune with money.

Lucky Hand Root

This somewhat rare herb has a reputation within magical tradition for bringing good luck and protecting its own from harm.

Black Cat Bone
This magically treated root, known as a Black Cat Bone, is a powerful addition to spellwork involving fast luck, success, or business.

Bat Heart Root
Bat Heart Root is said to attract good luck for games of chance. Not a real bat’s heart, no bats were harmed.

In closing

Hopefully, some of these ideas have inspired you to bring some additional magic into your life to boost your luck. I would love to hear your feedback. If you have some items you used to bring luck in your life please share it with our community below.



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