It’s no surprise that when it comes to selling a house and moving into a new one, centuries’ worth of superstitions and old wives’ tales have been developed to help homeowners deal with the stressful process.

If you’re retiring, relocating, or downsizing and need to sell your house, what do you do if the stars just aren’t aligning for you? In this section I’m going to give you a couple of ideas ranging from symbols of good luck from around the world, to working with the saints to sell your home. I’m going to finish with some links on some of the other herbs and products you can add to your candle work to sell your home faster.

1. Numbers

Chinese buyers have a propensity for the numbers 6, 8, and 9. Considered lucky numbers in Chinese culture

  • 6 (六; liù) in Mandarin sounds similar to the Chinese word for ‘flow’, thus 6 indicates ‘everything will run smoothly’.
  • 8 – the luckiest number for Chinese – signifies prosperity and wealth
  • 9 in Chinese is similar to the Chinese word for ‘long lasting’ and ‘permanence’.

In short, the more 6, 8 or 9 is included in a house number, floor level or price, the better. And before you scoff, an agent in Australia scored an A$8.5 million sale to a Chinese buyer – just by changing the number of a luxury home from an inauspicious 64 to lucky 66!

The number seven, is considered lucky and is a traditional “favorite number” around the world. Preference of the number is found over and over again in Greek, Chinese, Japanese, Egyptian, and Hindu religions.

Seven was thought by Pythagoreans to be the perfect number, while today we still see a repetition of the number. There are seven days of the week, seven colors of the rainbow, seven notes on a musical scale, seven seas, and seven continents. Try including the number seven in your asking price and you might reel in a buyer.

The number 13 is the world’s’ least favorite number. High-rise towers and condos often skip over the thirteenth floor entirely, listing only twelve to fourteen. In fact, the Wall Street Journal reported that less than 5 percent of high-rise condo buildings in New York City have a 13th floor.

The negative attachment to the number 13 has various origins, but can commonly be traced to Christian beliefs. The origination of the unlucky 13th man is often connected to the last supper of Jesus Christ. While Christ dined with his 12 apostles, the thirteenth place at the table was set for Judas Iscariot, the betrayer of Christ. Also associated with the number is that of Friday the thirteenth of October 1307. King Philip IV of France ordered the arrest of the Knights Templar. There’s even a name for a phobia associated with fear of the number 13: Triskaidekaphobia.

Numerology Your Personal Guide (hc) By Sasha Fenton

Big Book Of Numerology By Shirley Blackwell Lawrence

2. Cleanse

Give yourself some good luck and maybe you can sell your house fast. Smudging, or burning a bundle of dried sage leaves, is an ancient tradition that has roots in Native American culture. Sage being the most common to ward away bad energy.

Through a simple smudging ceremony, all bad vibes and leftover energies are supposedly expelled and replaced with harmony and light.

3. Herbs to Ward Away Bad Luck

In Medieval Europe, the herb fennel was hung over doorways to prevent bad luck and sorcery from entering the home. Fennel seeds were put in keyholes for the same reason. If you cannot seem to sell your home, try planting some good vibes with strategically placed fennel seeds.

Red clover is very popular to add to your magical spells, for good luck and prosperity especially when making financial dealings.

Red Clover Cut 2oz (trifolium Pratense)

Fennel Seed 4oz (foeniculum Vulgare)

Hoodoo Cleansing & Protection Magic By Miss Aida

4. Feng Shui

According to avid believers, feng shui accounts for a third of luck. While feng shui remains a mysterious science that skeptics may scoff at, what’s undeniable is that many Chinese tend to abide by certain feng shui rules when it comes to buying property.

Attractive colors and strategic layouts for each room have more to do with tradition than superstition, but feng shui has been carried out by generations of home sellers, superstitious and non-superstitious, alike. Some feng shui techniques are closely linked to Daoism and are meant to perpetuate harmony between the environment and its inhabitants.

As one of the Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics, the feng shui practice binds the invisible forces between the universe, earth, and humanity together. Some common feng shui techniques are to place yellow flowers in living or dining areas, turning on a light in each empty room for three hours a day, or hanging mirrors in the east, southeast, and northern areas of your home.

Feng Shui Bible By Simon Brown

Energy Secret (hc) By Jane Alexander

5. Sweeping

Tradition in West Africa states you should do all your housework at the beginning of your day. If you are hoping to sell your house fast, don’t sweep your home at night, lest you brush away good fortune.

Witches Besom

6. The Tiger

In Asian magical tradition, tigers are the fierce sworn enemies of evil spirits. They are also animals closely associated with warrior spirits and witchcraft: a tiger’s magical knowledge is as great as its bravery and physical prowess. All are put to good use when the tiger serves as a door guardian.

According to Chinese schools of magic, it’s not advisable to maintain images of tigers within the home; because of their fierce, uncontrollable nature, they have a tendency to stimulate havoc. Instead post an image of one by the entrance door, either a paper image attached to the door or a statue beside the door to provide spiritual protection. The tiger must be looking away from the home searching for danger. *

*Big Book Of Practical Spells By Judika Illes


Saint Philomena

Petition: patroness of desperate situations, hence why she is commonly used to benefit you in selling a home and real estate. Also helps with money problems, mental illness too.

Her candle color is green, pink or light blue.

7-Day Jar Candles

2 Color 7-day Pink- Green Jar Candle

Pink 7-day Jar Candle

Green 7-day Jar Candle

Blue 7-day Jar Candle

Her offerings include sweet cakes, pink cakes, pink lemonade, candies, sweet drinks, colas, toys, red and white braided ropes, pink flowers (lots & lots of flowers!), lilies, perfumes (especially anais anais perfume), make-up, pastel silks, glitter, rosaries, pastel colored jewelry, marshmallows and French pastries.

Her emblems are anchors, palms, lilies, and arrows. Her day of the week is Saturday.

St. Joseph

St. Joseph is considered the patron saint of families, working people, and both house sellers and buyers. As a figure from the Gospels, Joseph is known as the husband to Mary and the adopted father of Jesus. He was a working man and skilled as a carpenter, which may account for his being the patron saint of workers and things to do with houses and real estate.

Centuries ago, European nuns would bury a medal or coin with the likeness of St. Joseph on the property they wished to buy for the building of their convent. Over time, the St. Joseph medal/coin transitioned into a statue and the ritual changed from buyers to sellers.

The St. Joseph statue ritual includes the following:

  • Dig a hole near your “For Sale” sign that’s large enough for the statue
  • Wrap the statue in a protective cloth or plastic
  • Place the statue in the hole, his hands pointing towards your home
  • Cover the statue with dirt
  • Say a prayer to St. Joseph for help in selling your home quickly

When burying a St. Joseph statue to sell a house, you can choose a prayer that best fits your needs. You may opt for something short and heartfelt, or go with a more formal prayer if that feels better for you. There’s no real right or wrong, as traditions regarding this particular home-selling ritual have evolved over the years.

Saint Joseph Amulet


Here are some additional products and oils conducive to selling your home.


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1oz Fast Money Oil

1oz Success Oil


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