Ideas for Valentines Day

Saint Valentine, officially Saint Valentine of Rome, was a widely recognized 3rd-century Roman saint commemorated on February 14, and since the High Middle Ages is associated with a tradition of courtly love.

You can call to (petition), St.Valentine for your own love needs at any time. In modern times, we celebrate the need of having LOVE in our life, as very few people know they are actually celebrating St. V’s commemoration on February 14th each year.

In the dark arts, you don’t need to wait for a specific day nor call a Saint for assistance. Use your energy to call to the energy of the one you desire, and attach at “cord” filled with your desires!



New To Magick?

Spell Kits

Perhaps you would like to try magic without committing to learning witchcraft. These kits contain all you need to perform a magical spell. A fantastic choice.

Attract Lover Boxed Ritual Kit

Enhance Your Love Life Ritual Kit

Enhance Your Love Life Boxed Ritual Kit

Love Bath Kit

Specialized Love Candles

Candle magic is very popular and easy to perform. The key is having the ability to focus your intention into the flame.

Some of our candles come with instructions for use, and have beautiful crystals to wear and keep after the candle spell is performed. These crystals are now highly tuned talismans, ready to keep love or draw love into your life.


Learn more about candle magic:

Mojo Bags for Love

A Mojo Bag (also commonly called a Gris-Gris Bag, Spell Bag, Spell Pouch, Sprit Bag or Trick Bag) is a talisman or an amulet that protects or aids the wearer and brings the energies of its varied components to bear on a specific purpose – in this case, for LOVE.

There are many combinations of herbs, oils, stones, bones, small artifacts, pieces of mirror, magnet or lodestone, nails, etc. Sometimes these bags will also include trinkets of special value or power unique to the practitioner.

Mojo Bags can be dressed with:

Other Come to me solutions also fall under Hoodoo Style magic, and these include products to repair for love through a wash, purify through the incense, create your desire through the flame, and maintain through the perfume.

1oz Come To Me Powder Incense

Come To Me (ven A Mi) Aromatic Jar Candle

1-3oz Come To Me For Her (ven A Mi) W- Pheromones

8oz Come To Me (ven A Mi) Wash

1-3oz Come To Me For Him (ven A Mi Para Ellos )w- Pheromones


Practicing Witches

If you are more experienced in magick or if you have the time and desire to learn how to create spells from scratch, here are some ideas for V.Day tools.


Skull Candles

  • Used to control someone’s desires, cover the red or black skull candle with controlling oil, or come to me oil, and achieve your desire.

Figural Candles

Vagina or Penis CandlesThese are great for control or cursing your lovers sexual organs! Use your imagination and choose the appropriate oil for the spell.

Perfect for same sex relationships.

Penis Candles

Vagina Candles

The desires of a relationship can also be created with the use of human figure candles.

Or as a Voodoo Doll

Female Voodoo Doll

Herbs for Valentines Day

For the romantics among you, hopeless/hopeful/hope-curious/without-hope/anti-hope and the smug, here are some magickal Valentine’s Day toys to help you play on the day…

By Blonde Gypsy

Acacia – awakens love
Angelica Root – return love
Balm of Gilead – love potions
Cardamom – arousal
Cinnamon – desire
Cloves – to allure
Coriander – deepens love
Damiana – aphrodisiac
Elecampane – worn for attraction
Ginger – passion
Golden Rod – manifestation
Jasmine – sacred feminine
Ladies Mantle – amplify spell work *Have as a LOVERS Tea
Marshmallow Root – lust
Mint – desire Mullein – truth of love
Patchouli – seduction
Poppy Seeds – enchantment
Oak – divine masculine
Rose – universal symbol of love
Vervain – Lust & Love

Crystals for Valentines Day

Rose Quartz – Queen on love stones, unconditional love.

Malachite – heals the heart.

Rhodocrosite – healthy loving. 52mm Peruvian Rhodochrosite Sphere Pink Natural Crystal Ball High Grade Druzy Mineral Polished Rhodocrosite Quartz Stone of Love + Stand

Aventurine – confidence, abundance.

Pink Smokey Quartz – induces love.

Pyrolucite – confidence.

Rhodonite – forgiveness.

Emerald – loyalty.

Pink Diamond – commitment.

Moonstone – divine femininity.

Red Jasper – virilty.


Garnet – potency, courage.

Pink Tourmaline – sexual energy.

Orange Carnelian – sacral chakra stimulation.

Shiva Lingham – unites male and female energy, awakens kundalini.


Articles & Posts

Be further inspired with the following articles, spells, potions, and treats for love in the sections below…..

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