Isis Spell to Remove Ovarian Cysts

Invocation of Isis
Image: Gorgeous ISIS Necklace
Credit: llewellyn
The Egyptian goddess Isis is the goddess of rebirth, magic, and giver of life. Isis was also worshiped as the goddess of medicine and wisdom. Isis taught reading skills and agriculture.

A ritual petitioning Isis to remove ovarian cysts can be tried if all else seems impossible.

“I plead with you blessed Isis,

From my ovaries may cysts be forever released. “

  • Visualize the cysts being absorbed by a black hole and yourself being given a clean bill of health by the doctor.
  • When ready, give thanks and close the circle.
  • Continue to worship Isis on the altar by lighting incense and candles every day.



Ritual Tools for Healing Magic

If your focus is healing, here are our suggestions for your spell casting needs.

Healing Wand

Lignum Vitae is durable and strong, and even sinks in water. It is known for helping to preserve health, making it great for healing magic.


Healing Lailokens Awen oil
Anoint candles in the room of the sick person, and if their health permits, anoint the person themselves to speed healing. Made on the day of Mercury and in the hour of the Sun.

Eucalyptus oil 
Drawing upon the essence of a plant known for its curative and healing properties, our Eucalyptus Oil makes for a fantastic aid in such magic. Use it in your spells and rituals to cleanse, washing away the negative energies that afflict an object, place or person. So too can you use it in your spells and rituals to heal, drawing to yourself or another healing energies and aiding in making such magic more potent. Powerful, and reminiscent of the plant from which it is drawn, this oil’s distinctive fragrance is sometimes enough to aid drawing one’s mind into a place of health and healing.



Five Finger Grass cut (Cinquefoill)
Associated with love, money, health, power and wisdom, Five Finger Grass also known as Cinquefoil, and Potentilla, is a powerful aid when seeking to draw upon or alter these qualities within your ritual spells, particularly in Hoodoo.

Thyme Leaf whole (Thymus vulgaris)
Thyme is an herb most associated with health and healing and also to attract good health. It is also deeply connected to Venus, Water and Feminine energy and may be used for these influences.

Mojo Bags

Be Well (En Sante) Mojo Bag
A pocket sized mojo bag filled with mystic symbolism, herbs & energy. Each comes bound with a small charm.

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