Herbal Solutions

If you like drinking tea like I do, why not create yourself your own blend of tea to help you reduce the symptoms of arthritis. I will link you to the 1oz size of the herb in the link below, and just put all of the herbs into an airtight container. Use a large teaspoon for any cup of tea you make. Sometimes I get 2 cups with each teaspoon. Alternatively, use a disposable cotton teabag, and get used to making your own home-made teas versus having to buy something in the store!

White willow bark, yarrow, buckthorn bark, angelica root, black cohosh, valerian, and skull cap

12 Pack Cotton Tea Bags

100 Pack Cotton Tea Bags

Valerian: Herbal supplement made from a plant root. Can be taken in capsule form or as a tea. Used mainly to treat insomnia, but may also ease pain, and have antispasmodic and sedative effects that could relax tense muscles or joints.

Valerian Root Cut 1oz (valeriana Officinalis)

Valerian Root Cut 2oz Valeriana Officinalis


Stone Solutions

Personally I love to wear a copper bracelets. Once upon a time I thought this was just an old housewife tail, that the wearing of a copper bracelet can actually help with the reduction of arthritis symptoms, but just wear a copper bracelet for a few weeks and you will understand that it’s not just a wives tale!

A gorgeous Selenite & Copper Tassel Bracelet

Search all Copper Bracelets

Triple Moon Copper & Brass Bracelet

Copper Cuff Bracelet

Pentagram Copper Magnetic Bracelet

There are other stone bracelets that you may desire to wear, and I would find one that you love to wear and wear it every day. The power of stones and natural minerals to help relieve arthritis symptoms is totally transformational! You may wish to hold a stone while you meditate to amplify the abilities of the stone.



Rhodonite may assist you with arthritis! It is probably the best stone to assist you with long-term arthritis management.

Rhodonite Palm Stone

4mm Rhodonite Stretch Bracelet

8mm Rose Quartz- Rhodonite With Heart


If you have another solution to help with arthritis we would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Please leave your comment below.

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