Advice from BWC’s Blonde Gypsy

Bloodstone – Circulation/Immune System/Blood

25-30mm Bloodstone Pyramid

Bloodstone Worry Stone


Aquamarine – Immune System/Inflammation

30- 35mm Aquamarine Pyramid

1 Lb Aquamarine Tumbled Chips 6-8mm

2 1-2″+ Aquamarine Obelisk


Hematite – Pain Relief/Detoxifier

8mm Hematite, Rainbow

40mm Hematite Sphere

Lepidolite – Stress/Anxiety

6-sided Lepidolite Pendulum

1 Lb Lepidolite Untumbled Stones

1 Lb Lepidolite Tumbled Stones


Shungite – EMF, Free Radical, Negative Energy and Pollution Shielding

8mm Shungite Bracelet

1 Lb Shungite, Silver Untumbled Stones

70mm Orgone Shungite & Flower Pyramid


For Spiritual protection – Smokey Quartz or Black Tourmaline

Smokey Quartz

1″ Smoky Quartz Heart

Flat Of Mixed Windowed (24-flat)

~3# Smoky Qtz Points

Black Tourmaline

8mm Black Tourmaline Tassel

30-40mm Black Tourmaline Pyramid

8mm Blue Labradorite & Black Tourmaline – Wolf

1 Lb Black Tourmaline Untumbled Stones


For Energetic and Tool Cleansing you MUST have Selenite

Selenite W- Tourmaline Pendant

Selenite Utumbled Pendant

3″ Orange Selenite Mini Sticks 5 Pk

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