Receiving messages and communication through the dream state


Mugwort – Mugwort is renowned for dream magic and enjoying astral visits. A must for all witches and occultists. You could burn on a charcoal disc to perfume your room before sleep.
Wormwood – Not traditionally used for dream work, however I use wormwood for psychic powers when performing pact rituals. You can also mix it with Sandalwood so to contact specific demons in the dream world – as sandalwood is known for its high spiritual vibrations.
Vervain – is often burned as an offering to Lucifer, and is mostly the scent I fall asleep with each night. Giving praise to Lucifer is one of my last activities each night (or 3am), and it is done with Vervain. So I recommend you start to grow this herb yourself, or buy in bulk hahaha.
Peppermint is one of my favorite herbs anyways! It both refreshes me, and relaxes me. It is potent in creating visionary dreams and psychic ability, Great to burn if you have a hangover, and to make a tea to assist with all of the above!
Wild Lettuce Leaf was often used among Native Americans in religious ritual as an aid in seeking meditative trances and visions, and to create more vivid dreams.
Dream Spirit smudge stick – The Kumeyaay Indians created this smudge stick from all-natural ingredients to specifically aid you in finding the wisdom of the dream spirit in your dreams.
Dream Tea – I like tea before bed if I need to relax and work in the dream world, Many of you are getting so creative with your herbal teas, but this is a easy option if you want it pre-made for you! A dreamy formulation of catnip, mugwort, oakmoss, lavender, linden, chamomile and mistletoe.


There are so many great books on the market to understand and process dreams. Recently I enjoyed these two for myself, and the Lucid Dreaming book for a few students.

  1. Past Life Dream Work – While there are many books on dream interpretation, this book explores past lives, reincarnation, and karma through the understanding and study of dreams! Recommended reading for all interested in past life analysis.
  2. Lucid Dreaming – In a lucid dream, you’re aware that you’re dreaming . . . so you can transform your dreams into fabulous adventures. From flying to traveling through time to visiting loved ones in spirit form, this book makes it easy for you to experience anything you wish. Popular author Mark McElroy presents a simple and effective 90-day plan for achieving lucid dreams…
  3. Dream journal – this journal is designed to be a sacred space for all facets of your self-expression. Lots of beautiful images throughout as well.
Other dream books in store right now:

Courses on Lucid Dreaming & Dream Invasion Skills:

I like to review all new courses in magick and occultism, and share the ones I like at this moment in time in the Lucid dreaming niche.  I will tell you what I like about them as well.

  1. Whiteboard Animation Lucid Dreaming Video Course – Often we like to learn by video only, and this course uses 23 animated videos to teach you the most powerful techniques for inducing lucid dreams at will.

  2. Guided Lucid Dreaming – If you are like me, you mostly sleep with your phone near to you (it’s such a bad habit). But I liked this lucid dreaming course as you use your smart phone, making it more likely that you do the course at bedtime!

    And lastly, for the guys (as we get 100s of questions about this exact desire)…..

  3. Dream Invaders – EA Koetting did a YouTube video showing how he influenced his female target using the power of influence, (and had a red candle for his magical prop.) I often tell people to do love spells when the target is asleep so to “attack” them in their dream state. So I like that this course can help some of you move towards the goal of Psychic Seduction.  Use this Dream Invader Crash Course To Telepathically Seduce Others While They Sleep.


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