Love ties with photo

I wanted to start with one of the simplest love spells that anybody can cast. Nowadays, it’s very easy to get a picture of your love interest, either by social networks, or some that you have taken yourself with your mobile device.

Necessary materials:


Try to cast this spell on the night of a full moon. Select a room that is not too noisy. Enter the room in the dark and light the 2 red candles inside.

You will need to keep a positive attitude. To continue with a winning mentality, you can read some of these short love phrases, while imagining that you have already earned their love.

Take the 2 pictures of you and your loved one and put them face to face.

Tie the photos with the thread and form 3 knots.

Pronounce aloud the following: “We 2 have the power to connect”.

Insert the seeds with the petals into the sleeve and then close it.

If you have a garden in your house, bury the sheath. Otherwise, bury it in a pot in a different place in the house than the room.

And that’s it, you’ve cast your first love spell.

Source: BWC