The ideas and suggestions below, are for you who may be struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, or perhaps it’s for one of your loved ones or friends. If you have never performed a spell before in your life, may I recommend that you begin with some candle work style magic.
Let me just tell you that any type of work that is for the changing of an individual’s mindset, and in this regard I’m talking about depression, anxiety, dependency etc etc must be done over many days and over many months. It is definitely not about casting a single spell and having a spectacular result.
Personally I love and recommended this specific book. I think the best way to learn, is to grab this book “The Magical Power of the Saints” and then go to pages 110 -111.

Drug addiction is notoriously hard to remove with magical work, as is alcohol addiction. And as you know, it is hard to remove in real life! It is this reason why we burn a sequence of candles and not just one, so the Candles flame, while alive, works on removing the negative behaviors.

In this type of work, we only burn an odd numbers of candles, so you’re not going to buy two or four candles, you would buy 3, 5 or 7 candles. No even numbers. On the completion of the first candle, you the flame, and light the second candle and so on until all the candles are finished.

Jinx Removing Jar Candle

To use, all you need to do is put a few drops of the oil on the candle each day, and state your petition. You can write the persons name on the candle as what if you desire. It’s always best to come back to the candle each day around the same time and restate your desire to the candle.


Container/Jar Work

In the book you will see a recipe to work a jar to help stop  the drugs or drinking. !You should do this as well as using the seven day candles. I recommend doing it for a full month and really test the results on the target, and that maybe yourself!

This is easy for you to do, and all you’ll need is To write the persons name, date of birth, and place of birth on a petition paper and place it inside a glass jar. Add the following:

Add the items into the jar and secure the lid

Which ever saints or petition you would like to use to say a prayer each day for the person to stop drinking or to stop the drugs altogether. Some people pray for the individual to get sick so they don’t like the taste of alcohol.

If you like to say Psalms, the suggested Psalms are 25, 26, and 37.



Addictions to alcohol and drugs: Types of candles

Overcome Addictions ritual candle
Created to help you resist temptations and overcome your bad habits, the Overcome Addictions Ritual has been charged with energy, anointed with sacred oils, and carved in Theban runes for this purpose.

  • 7″ candle
  • burns approximately 1″ per hour.



Saints Candles

I don’t have any of these in stock, but this is a link to Amazon maybe your find something there. If you have a Botanica near you maybe you can get them there. Otherwise I think the jinx removing candles will work just fine. The Saints will also have a PLAIN candle color as well, and these links are provided.

To Use: Light the candle dressed with Saint oil or blessing oil, and say a prayer

Saint Lazarus

If you can’t buy the exact candle, you can use a plain yellow jar candle, and perhaps write the name of Saint Lazarus on the candle.

Saint Lazarus -petitioned for problems with drug addiction. Saint Lazarus has been know to to grant people relief from chronic illness and immobilizing pain.

Dear patron and assistant of the poor and sick.
With this prayer I request your assistance, and with the aid of the Holy Spirit may the
Lord always protect me during sickness or in health.
Saint Lazarus give me the strength to overcome all the temptations on earth.
In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


Saint Lazarus Amulet


St. Clare aka St Clara, offers relief from anxiety, drug or alcohol addiction, fear, and blockages

Candle – white

When you are ready, say the following prayer:

“O glorious Saint Clare!
God has given you the power of working miracles continually,
and the favor of answering the prayers of those who invoke your assistance in misfortune, anxiety, and distress;
we beseech you, obtain for us from Jesus,
through Mary, His Blessed Mother,
what we beg of you so fervently and hopefully,
if it be for the greater honor and glory of God and for the good of our souls.
Saint Clare Pray For Us Amen.”

St Jude

Patron Saint of Impossible Causes, Desperate Situations and Hope.

Candle –red, green, white

Recite the following prayer:

Most holy Apostle, St. Jude, faithful servant and friend of Jesus, the Church honors and invokes you universally, as the patron of difficult cases, of things almost despaired of, Pray for me, I am so helpless and alone. 

Intercede with God for me that He bring visible and speedy help where help is almost despaired of. Come to my assistance in this great need that I may receive the consolation and help of heaven in all my necessities, tribulations, and sufferings, particularly – (make your request here) – and that I may praise God with you and all the saints forever.

I promise, O Blessed St. Jude, to be ever mindful of this great favor granted me by God and to always honor you as my special and powerful patron, and to gratefully encourage devotion to you.



If you or somebody you love seems unable to control their addiction, perhaps it is truly an issue outside of their ability to fix.
In this case we suggest having a Remote Spirit Release Session with one of our experienced healers.
It is very common that alcoholics and drug attics have earthbound spirits attached to the etheric field, and in other times more dangerous entities are attached and siphoning energy.
Learn more about the types of spirits and some protection tips

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