Post Date: April 20, 2020

I have to say, that this month alone,  I’ve healed at least 20 ++++ people from cov-19 death. That is to say, that every client we worked on magically with Cov-19, we have had a successful outcome. We have not advertised this success, nor have we allowed words of thanks to be published. Clients who book in for health spells, with partners in ICU, are told we have good success, but can’t guarantee a successful recovery. I only share with you the above information, as our long-term clients ask us about helping them heal other types of health issues such as various types of herpes. I share the information below, as to my advice on the treatment of herpes.

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Healing Herpes IS successful if caught at the onset of an outbreak with L-lysine.

In all of these years that I have dealt with clients and the issue of both genital and facial herpes, there is only one product that I know of which can be guaranteed to work every time, which will prevent an outbreak of the herpes disease. That product is L-lysine.

Lysine is industrially produced (1), and is not available to produce via herbal medicine. It has been scientifically proven, a lack of lysine in the body can lead to several diseases (2). Lysine provides nutritional support to help maintain healthy immune function. Lysine plays several roles in humans, most importantly proteinogenesis, but also in the crosslinking of collagen polypeptides, uptake of essential mineral nutrients, and in the production of carnitine, which is key in fatty acid metabolism. Lysine is also often involved in histone modifications, and thus, impacts the epigenome (meaning this can be passed down to your kids).

There are NO other herbs or supplements to assist with curing Herpes! In over 3 decades there has been no other treatment that works better than the plan below for the treatment of herpes.

L-Lysine tabs – you need to take 1000mg +  x 3 tablets, 3 times per day.


I know personally about this treatment strategy, as I was involved in a herpes virus treatment trial, conducted in Sydney Australia, over 10 years ago. It was found that if you dose at this level, you will be able to stop the 8 to 10-day herpes cycle (as it normally happens). If you do the following as SOON as you feel the tingle, YOU WILL STOP THE HERPES OUTBREAK.

Essentially it stops Herpes in its tracks! I know because I do this myself every single time. You will not end up with a massive blistering scar, or the other issues!

day 1 – 3 x tabs, Morning, noon, night (9 pd)
day 2 – 3 x tabs, Morning, noon, night (9 pd)
day 3 – 3 x tabs, Morning, noon, night (9 pd)
Day 4 onwards – 1 to 3 per day


  • YES –  9 tablets a day from day 1 to 3
  • Day 4 until you feel confident – take 1 to 2 pd
  • With my plan you do not have to take these tablets every single day. You only take the dosage I recommend above as soon as you feel that tingle!
  • If you take the tablets the day after or later in the day, you will not prevent the cold sore.

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After Care Suggestions
  • Foods high in L-lysine such as vegetables, turkey, fish, chicken, and legumes. L-lysine is known to prevent the replication of viruses. Everything else is a complete guess and a waste of money!
  • Avoid – Chocolate and wine

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