Removing Demons and Negative Spirits

Demons are not “spirits” similar to ghosts. Ghosts will generally attach to a place, whereas demons can attach themselves to people, homes, and anything they want too. If a demonic haunting is not taken care of, it can progress to a possession. Demonic hauntings are generally more intense than ghostly hauntings.

Some people will find the following happens during this time:

  • Seeing “spiders” crawl up the wall
  • Sexual attacks from the demon
  • You acting out sexually – different than normal
  • Mind control – the demon takes over your thoughts and gets you to act differently than normal
  • There may be a strong odor, like human waste or rotting garbage.
  • Household objects may be destroyed.
  • Demons may also attempt to assault people or animals within the home.
  • Demonic activity, unlike ghostly activity, may also increase while you are praying
  • Not allowing you to sleep

Before we begin, let’s determine what type of entity is causing you this grief……

If none of these conditions apply to you, perhaps the energy is a low level spirit, servitor, Djinn, or trickster spirit who is attached to you or your environment with the purpose of breaking you down mentally, and then perhaps worse.

As this site is not about given cookie cutter advice, when it comes to such a serious matter, I recommend you have a consultation with your spiritual advisor ASAP. If you don’t have one, you can talk directly to Savannah (BWS) from Black Witch Coven who can review your case and provide a plan for your specific situation.

If you do not have the money to let another witch do these services for you, then here are some suggestions you can try for yourself.

Step 1: The first step to getting rid of a demon is recognizing what may have attracted them in the first place, and changing it. Only you know what you did, and you need to “own it”, even if to yourself. If the issue is now out of control, then read on.

Step 2: Learn how to protect and cleanse yourself. If you are here on this website, doing divination, worshiping other spirits AND THEN following another religious system (AKA Being Fake), you are more than likely to be the person with this challenge. I know, that for many of you, you need to at least pretend to follow your families religious beliefs (or you won’t have a place to live.) Once again, even to yourself, ADMIT IT, and then share it to the entity. This Step 2 advice, is more about regular spiritual protection or spiritual cleansing work as part of your routine.

Step 3: Do a full home cleansing (see below)

Spiritual Home Cleansing

One of the most important things to do a spiritual cleanse of the home.

To do this:

Clean the area: Sweep the floors, starting from the back of the room or home and moving towards the door. Move furniture, get rid of clutter, and open the windows to let light and air in.

Once the place is completely clean, you can begin attempting to cleanse its energy.

There are many ways to do this, so choose the combination that works best for you:

  • Music
    • Check on YouTube for Videos aimed at this purpose. These frequencies are put together to help disrupt the energy patterns of entities harassing you. It can help remove attachments of stray spirits, negative entities, bad spirits and even demonic influences. I found so many videos that could help, so you choose one you like the best for your situation (perhaps leave a link in the comments section for others to try as well.)
    • Ring bells or chimes (note – in LHP rituals, I use bells to ATTRACT the spirit so you decide if the use of bells help or hinders you.)
  • Oils:
    • #1 Oil is Cedarwood Oil (see email to client below) – Cedarwood oil is a potent aid to spells and rituals involving purification, healing, and the removal of hexes. Use it in ritual to purify the home, yourself, or another and spells where you are seeking to cleanse yourself, your home, or another of negative energies and spirits. With this ability to purify, it also makes an excellent aid in spells of healing, helping to keep that which is being healed from becoming “infected” with negative energy. It also makes an excellent aid in rituals and spells wherein you are trying to remove the curses and negative spells, and help keep away the attention of evil spirits and evil intentions.
    • Banishing Oil – Whether dealing with malignant spirits and demons, or simply casting away negative energy, Banishing Oil is a potent aid in casting away these influences. Use it in rituals of banishing to dispel evil spirits or use it in spells to remove hexes and curses, or use it more simply to drive negative energies from one’s home, altar, and life.
    • Exorcism Oil
    • Myrrh oil may be used for purification, exorcism, protection and preparation for ritual.
  • Burn herbs on your charcoal disc
    • Mullein – helps keep away demons and instill courage
    •  St John’s Wort is great for warding off against evil spirits or negative magic, and can be quite potent for exorcisms, instilling courage and divination.
    • Nettle “Stinging” -Believed to be a powerful magical herb, offering protection against poisonous thoughts and intentions. Nettles are also used to remove curses and help in exorcisms.
    • Cedar Smudge Stick
    • Frankincense makes for a powerful incense when one is seeking self empowerment, astral projection, as well as an aid in meditation and ritual blessing, consecration and exorcism.  (Note – I use Frankincense in offerings to Lucifer, so the same advice as above applies)
    • Asafoetida Ritual powder  – is sometimes called: “Incense of the Devil” odorous gum burned to force enemies away, also believed to ward off evil spirits and is used in exorcism rituals.
    • Pennyroyal Leaf – Said to be of use for spells of purification, Pennyroyal is known for its uses in spells of protection and exorcism as well.
    • Agrimony is often used in spells, rituals and mojo bags to protect from and expel negative energies and influences. Agrimony is also connected to Masculine Energy, Jupiter and Air.
    • Boneset also known to North American Indians as ‘Ague-weed’. Or as ‘White Snake Root, also used quit often in spell-craft, as a sorcery for protection exorcism, to aid in warding off jinxes, curses and hexes, cleansing and counteraction poisons.
  • Sprinkle blessed Sea Salt (see advice to client below on how to use)
    • Salt Petre powder – Commonly used by women to keep their partner from straying, Salt Petre is also of great use in exorcisms and other purification rituals.
  • Say a prayer to your own deity to assist you
    • The 23rd psalm is a popular choice
    • Your own prayers should be focused with the goal to banish the negative entity. For example:

“My house is cleansed,
My home is clear,
Only good spirits may enter here!”



A client living in the U.K had a situation, and ordered many glass candles and wash products to remove his issue. Here is our advice….


Black Magic Witch says……

 I have a prescription for you cause I think that you’ve ordered far too many washes and you don’t need that many.  I’ve sent you the strongest one so you can  dilute the wash in a bucket before hand and pour water over your head from a cup while you’re standing in the bath or shower. Naturally you’re visualizing everything being removed from your body and soul. When you get out of the bath you do not wipe yourself with a towel, but you leave yourself drip drying almost.

Make sure you take the hyssop bath wash every week. If you say prayers with your spiritual work the best prayers to say a number is 53, 54, and 55, followed by 70.

Because you need to remove all this bad energy and demon style spirit  around you, I’m sending you the cedar wood oil.  To use this, you visualize the negative entities and energy in your life, even from the shit your mother threw at you before you were born, and you see the oil as creating a barrier between you and all the toxic past. You could also wear these oil on your body on your key areas of your choosing. Many clients have had great success with these oil alone.

Plus to be honest these glass candles are very expensive to send overseas, because its 2 pounds each candle!  That meant that your shipping fees went up to nearly $90 if I was to send you the candles with the order.

To attract more success into your life in every way, meaning in love and in money, the prayers to say when you’re doing the work of 57, 65, and 98. When you’re taking a spiritual bath you do so with John the conqueror. You would also wash the floors in your house with this wash when you finish the bath.

Starting now you should be putting salt water bowls in the corners of your house anyway to observed negative energy. This is something you can do right now while you’re waiting for this order to be shipped.

You should also do something like adding protection with iron to your premises. You could even nail railway spikes into your grass, And if that’s not possible you should hang a iron horse shoe upside down at your door, to turn away any negativity.

The angelica root is to turn back any spells to sorcerers.  To use this I suggest that you rise early on a Saturday morning, that’s when you’re under the influence of the planet Saturn, take some root in each hand, hold it tight in the fist and recite the whole holy trinity prayer

“ Holy Trinity, punish him who has done this evil and take him from us by the great justice, that the sorcerer or sorcerers may be demolished and we be safe. Amen.”

Then throw the root outside your door in the direction of the enemy’s whereabouts if you know him. Otherwise cast in a southerly direction………


Post-Advice Update


hi i’m just mailing to give you an update of how my cleansing is going so far..i’ve been taking the hyssop wash and the cedar ritual once a week for last 3weeks…to be honest the first time i took them felt a change felt as if my spirit and physical body/self had been realigned which was awesome..that negative demon like energy i’ve noticed since i’ve been following your prescription has seem to have gone and i know longer feel out of sorts in public but rather in harmony with my environment and not so alien to people..also i’ve been waking up early saturdays to perform the “holy trinity” prayer..i’ve been throwing the angelic herb root to the south as advised…..

A great result with minimum effort or cost!

DO YOU HAVE IDEAS? – We are a global community. If you have advice for someone in this position, please write in or post your advice in the comments section below.

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