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How to Celebrate Litha: The Summer Solstice Celebration

If you are new to the traditions of the Litha celebration, or just looking for [...]

A Love Letter From Blonde Gypsy

Greetings Sacred Souls, Seekers of secrets and devotees of desire, it is time to get [...]

How to Celebrate Yuletide as a Witch

The Pagan celebration of Winter Solstice (also known as Yule) is one of the oldest winter [...]

Samhain: The Witches New Year Celebration

Traditionally celebrated on October 31, Samhain also called So-wein, Sow-in, Sabbath that marks the third [...]

The reason for celebrating Halloween

  Batman and Raggedy Anne, witches and brooms, Blood curling characters—Halloween screaming “Here I come!”  [...]