The reason for celebrating Halloween



Batman and Raggedy Anne, witches and brooms, Blood curling characters—Halloween screaming “Here I come!”  Costume, makeover, treat- or –trickers on the move in a bid to make this year’s Halloween festival a memorable one. Origin, significance, left behind due to “modernization”. Clearly hidden by those who know the true meaning, watching others wallow in ignorance.

Halloween is a time of celebration and superstition. It opens up cracks in the wall dividing the mortal sphere from the sphere of the Mysteries. Its origin can be dated back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain which was celebrated by the Celt who lived 2,000 years ago in the area that is now Ireland, the United Kingdom, and northern France, who celebrated their new year on November 1. It is a festival where the people would wear costumes and light bonfires to ward off roaming ghosts. It was a period where the cattle were moved from summer pastures to the winter shelter; this implies the end of sowing and harvest season, a period of thanksgiving when the ancestors and the spirits of the deceased would return home to share in the feast. During this period, people will leave an offering of food and drinks, set out candles to light the path for their dead loved ones to come home.

They saw the presence of the otherworldly spirits as gain because it made it easier for the witches to make predictions about the future; predictions that act as an important source of hope for people who are entirely dependent on unpredictable nature. The above portrayed scene seems harmless Right? Take a look at the next paragraph, in which the fullness of Halloween celebration is carried in this present age, according to the rites from the Ancients.

A Satanic Halloween Celebration

Here is a scene of the true Halloween celebration, portrayed in this 21st century. They prepare the Sanctum for the ritual which objectifies Satan and the Hosts of Hell, with respectful sentiment and praise her devotion to their craft.

On the night to come, a woman (an initiate) will freely give of her spirit and body, creating intoxicating evil power for the entire coven. She will be exalted as the wicked and blasphemous mother, extending her desire to culminate in profane lust and satisfaction. It is her energy which opens the door and it is the invitation to devour the light, replacing with the truth with eternal darkness. She is the fountain of Satanic Blessings and they partake deeply of her impious energy. Sinister chant fills the chasm with energy and floods their Sanctum with every dark desire.

This to them, is the night of bold indulgence, not hypocritical restraint. They believed that deeply seated natural instincts are released and the thoughts of the mind are made manifest to roam the Satanic Sanctum. Candles glowing, illuminating the pentagram and the stone of wisdom with warmth and enticement. Flowing robes of satin and silver chains under hoods of black in shimmering focus cutting through the night, breath forms a vapor mingling as black candles are spent.

The climax of the celebration was in the belief that Lucifer awaits quietly to pour the blessings of Hell upon those gathered.

This tradition in the above paragraph is the modern version, handed down from the ancients who until 43A.D; when the majority of the Celtic territory was conquered by the Roman Empire and an attempt to abolish the Samhain, (Halloween or Hallows Day) incorporated two festivals of Roman origin. The first is Feralia, the second was set aside to honor Pomona, the Roman goddess of fruit and trees.

A very particular highlight of this celebration is the Lifting of the veil. Most Halloween celebrants don’t probably know of this. The veil is knowledge of the “other world”. During this point, the human being can relate with spirits or other spiritual beings, such as demons and whatnot, without harm. Ancient practitioners of Halloween believed in the afterlife as a matter of course; they would have found incomprehensible the idea that cultivating a relationship with the dead was wrong or evil.

At this point, you’re probably wondering; what about tasty candies, trick-or-treating, wild college orgy, pumpkin lamps, haunted houses and scary costume parties?

Another very immaculate feature is the Jack -o-lantern. This Gnostic story of a lost spirit is represented in Jack who roams about the dark countryside of Hades on All Hallows Eve (October 31) with his illuminated candle, in search of his soul that is located somewhere between heaven and hell. His pumpkin represents the as without darkness of his body, that inside holds the light of his spirit as within. Forever, the Jack- O-Lantern wanders as a lost spirit in Hades that could not find a place to rest. In other words, Jack could never find his soul that was located within him the whole time.

Halloween hasn’t always been a holiday of fun or enjoyment. It is filled with magic, mysteries, and superstition. But today many of these practices are considered obsolete as it now centered on fun, charity, and entertainment. So while you’re getting ready for that next celebration, be it Christmas or whatever, I want you to ask yourself  “What does it all signify”.


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