20 Ouija Board Rules You Should Never Forget

The Ouija is a flat board marked with numbers 0-9, alphabets, the words “yes”, “no”, and sometimes “hello” and goodbye”. This board also has symbols and graphics. Its major tool is a small heart-shaped piece of plastic or wood called a planchette. The planchette is often moved across the board to spell out words.

The Ouija board is also referred to as a talking or spirit board as it creates a connection between the players and spirits. This game is one of the most feared that shouldn’t be joked with to avoid dire consequences.

Before using the Ouija board, the individual is expected to read and understand the compulsory rules that must be followed while handling this object. Also, the user must be very bold and strong enough to handle whatever he might encounter while using this board.

The following are some of the rules that should be followed to enhance a wonderful experience and ensure safety while using the Ouija board.

  1. Choose a dark and quiet location. You can use a candlelight in order to see what the planchette may be spelling.
  2. Never taunt a spirit to talk to you through the Ouija board because such act can be very disastrous.
  3. There are three questions you shouldn’t ask your Ouija. Don’t ask the board about God, when you will die, nor where to find the hidden gold.
  4. Do not believe everything that a spirit says through the Ouija board because most spirits love to tell lies. Sometimes, these spirits could claim to be related to you just to gain your trust and if you let down your guards, those malevolent spirits would attack.
  5. Do not use the board alone. A minimum of two and maximum of 8 players are recommended. Also, more users would increase the energy needed to connect with the spirit.
  6. Never use an Ouija board in your home because the energy produced by a malevolent spirit might become resident in the home.
  7. Get a leader who would be responsible for asking questions while the other members focus on the planchette.
  8. Unnecessary questions, jokes, comments and laughter must be avoided.
  9. One member should be responsible for taking records and keeping track of the answers.
  10. Never leave the planchette on the board as such is considered as a sign of bad luck.
  11. If you intend to take a break during the session, let other members keep their hand on the planchette so as to stay connected to the energy.
  12. Never end your session without saying goodbye and dismissing the spirit.
  13. Whenever you perceive danger during a session, quickly say goodbye and dismiss the spirit.
  14. If you ever come in contact with a spirit named “Zozo”, quickly end the session and say goodbye.
  15. Never use an Ouija board in a cemetery.
  16. Never use the Ouija board when you are drunk, sick or feeling depressed.
  17. Never burn an Ouija board. You can either keep it locked in a closet or break it into 7 pieces, pour holy water on it before burying it.
  18. Never force anyone to use the Ouija board.
  19. Avoid any form of addiction to this board otherwise, you might get possessed by the spirits.
  20. If the planchette gets to move to the four corners of the board, that is a sign that means you have contacted an evil spirit.

Finally, there are some preparations that should be carried out before an Ouija session. While there are those who purify the environment by burning incense, others invoke angels and other guardian saints. When you perceive the entrance of an entity, ensure to ask questions such as: “Who are you?”, “How old are you?”, “What message do you have for us?”, etc.  The answers to those questions would guide you while connecting with the spirit. Also, if you perceive the entity to be an evil spirit, quickly say goodbye and force the spirit to leave.


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