A Love Letter From Blonde Gypsy

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Greetings Sacred Souls,

Seekers of secrets and devotees of desire, it is time to get LOVED UP! If you’re after sweet or spicy, February is the month for LOVE.

From the 15th, Venus is in watery Pisces, which means it’s time toilet love flow. Even the stars have aligned to assist you taking relationships to the next level. Whether you’re in-love or looking-for-love there’s so much focus on the heart at the moment, that you’d be nuts not to take advantage of all that universal energy and momentum.

The very first place to start is with yourself. You must LOVE yourself before you can love or be loved by others. If you’re a work-in-progress atm then well bloody done, go you gorgeous thing! Celebrate how far you’ve come (hell, celebrate turning up at all) keep up the good work and don’t stop now.

If you’re not working on it, you must. Find the medicine you need to heal what needs healing. YOU are a divine being, a fully-fledged member of this magnificent universe and you have the capability and the opportunity to be your own hero in love, to shine bright like the warrior goddess of beauty and love, Aphrodite herself. With all the things we know about Aphrodite, the one I like most is about her beauty, something that she was renowned for. While she wasn’t hard on the eyes, it was her inner beauty that shone through. Her smile, her fierceness, her divineNESS made her irresistible to both gods and mortals alike.

So, help yourself heal and feel beautiful. Arouse your body (yeah you heard me right*), excite your mind and entice your kundalini to rise up and fill your soul. This awakening of self-love is a juicy step in readying yourself to receive love from another and stimulate your desire and ability to give love. Send and receive dear ones, that’s the cycle.  

Remember LOVE isn’t only romantic. Valentine and Cupid aren’t the only symbols of love.

The Ancient Greeks thought there were 4 kinds of love; Eros – romantic and sexual love, Storge – familial love of family and childhood friends, Philia – affection and love between friends and peers, Agape – unwavering and eternal spiritual love. I had to trawl through my uni papers to find my notes about this because I think it’s important to acknowledge and celebrate love in all its forms. We may not always have the support of all 4 legs-of-love but we probably have enough to stand on.

I know that some of you are in the midst of doing love work. Some of it with us and some you’re doing yourself. I applaud you for taking action to manifest your heart’s desire and bring love into life. February is the perfect month to focus on it.

Love makes life better and love makes the world better. You can never have too much, so don’t hold back…

May the goddess bless you with an abundance of love,

Blonde Gypsy

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Feb : Witchy & Moon Dates

Feb 1

Imbolc – the midway point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. This day honors the Brigid, (Brighid), the goddess of fertility, fire and healing.

Feb 2

Lughnassadh aka Lammas – (Southern Hemisphere)  – Pagan/Wiccan traditions –  it’s time to celebrate the first harvest of the year, and recognize that the hot summer days will soon come to an end.

Feb 13

Full Moon: “Snow Moon” – Super Moon! This magically potent moment of the month is ideal for smudging your home with Juniper to welcome to happiness, Rosemary to protect your family, Lavender to bless and Roses to awaken the love within.

Feb 19

Dark Moon –  a night of stillness, contemplation and banishment. The only types of spell work that should be done on the Dark Moon is banishment work or curses/hexes. The Dark Moon is also ideal for all types of divination, as well as working with the departed.

Feb 20

New Moon: “Witches Moon”

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