Black Magic Spell to Separate Married Couples

Is there a spell to separate a married couple? The answer is yes. But the question should be: why would anyone wish to separate a married couple?Well, there are many reasons why people choose to separate a couple. In a family where a girl decides to get married to a man despite her mum’s disapproval, then her mum might cast a marriage break up spell. Also, a wife might decide to cast this spell in order to separate her husband from his mistress and a mistress can also cast this spell to separate a wife from her husband. Other times, this spell could be done by envious people who hate the happiness the couples have in their relationship.

Well, if you wish to separate a couple for any reason, just follow the steps below:

Spell to separate a married couple using Lemon

Items needed:

  • White clothing preferably an underwear,
  • A black bag,
  • Plastic knife,
  • A large lemon,
  • A single photography of the couple ,
  • Six new small nails.


This ritual should be done at night and you should be dressed in white clothes. If you don’t have a white clothing you can carry out the ritual while naked.


  • Start by saying the seven prayers of creed.
  • Cut the photography so that only their faces remain.
  • Take the lemon with your right hand and say the following:


“Behemoth, destroy this relationship,

Let their togetherness bring only pain,

I bring to you this lemon as an offering,

Please destroy this relationship.


  • Using the plastic knife, cut the lemon then put the knife into the black bag.
  • You might feel chills but do not look around nor into the bag, just be focused.
  • Turning the backs of the photo place it inside the lemon.
  • Then sing aloud:

“Prince Behemoth, break this relationship, I ( mention your name) ask.

Break the relationship between……  (mention the full names of those to be separated) “


  • Sing this song for six times before closing the lemon.
  • Insert the six nails into lemon to close it. Repeat the song six times while doing this.
  • At the end of the ritual, place the lemon in a dark place where no one can see it. You can keep it there for a year.
  • Throw away the knife the next day and do not take it along with the bag.


Now that you have read the steps in casting a break up spell, Kindly, note that carrying out this spell without proper guidance from an experienced sorcerer leaves you at risk of being harmed. Also, if you break a marriage because you are in love with one of the couple, you might need another love spell to make him love you in return.

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