Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz Amplifies energy. Clears, cleanses, energises and aligns – can be programmed for any healing purpose. Will even store healing thoughtforms and can be instructed to balance, stabilise and energise the entire energy field of a client.

Helps the client access their innate spirit nature (the Soul) and therefore impresses deep within the psyche the alignment required for wellness.

Holds the Power of White Light and therefore all the colours. Can be used on any chakra for any healing purpose. Effective Cleanser. Establishes presence of Spirit Guides, Angelic Realms, Devas (or nature spirits, animal spirit guides and totems) and Healing Energies in the aura.

Appropriate for all levels of being from physical, to karmic, to emotional to mental and so forth. Can be used to strengthen all positive thoughts and affirmations (affirmations can be programmed into the crystal for healing intent and directed to be sent to the subconscious mind of the ‘receiver’ on a daily basis).

BMW Clear Quartz Items:

6-sided Clear Quartz Pendulum

6 & 8mm Rainbow Moonstone- Aquamarine & Clear Quartz With Angel


Flat Of Polished Clear Quartz Points

1 Lb Clear Quartz Tumbled Stones



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