Magic for Fortune and luck

Magic for Fortune and luck uses a different tactic and objects than you do with money magic spells.

For Fortune and luck:

  • Hazel: It is said that if you carry hazelnuts in your pocket to draw good fortune your way, or hang a bough of hazel branches above your door. Now we like to burn hazel on our charcoal disc during a spell or ritual
  • Pomegranate: Use pomegranate seeds in dessert and drinks to bring about prosperity and abundance. Or you could burn a Pomegranate Chime Candle
  • Snakeroot: In some forms of folk magic, snakeroot – a folkloric name for black cohosh – is used to get rid of bad luck that may have been inflicted upon you magically. Use it around your home to eliminate negative fortunes.
  • Sunflower: Planting sunflowers around your home and garden will bring fortune your way. It is also said that if you pick a sunflower at sunset, then wear it on your person, it will bring you good luck the following day.
  • Clover: Clovers and shamrocks are a well-known symbol of good luck – carry one in your wallet!

For Gambling and games of chance:

  • Buckeye: Carry a buckeye in your pocket to bring you success in games of chance
  • Lucky Hand Root – rare herb has a reputation within magical tradition for bringing good luck and protecting its own from harm.
  • Black Cat Eye A potent magical charm, the black cat eye is a magically treated root used as a good luck charm. It is most often used to help in gambling, business, or winning love.
  • Bat Heart Root is traditionally used within a gris gris bag or mojo bag, this Bat Heart Root is said to attract good luck for games of chance. Not a real bat’s heart, no bats were harmed.

Other Ideas:

Luck Spell casting

.5oz Black Cat Powder

2oz Fast Luck Ritual Powder

Lucky Hand Root

Good Fortune Hem Stick 20 Pack

2oz High John The Conqueror Ritual Powder

4oz High John Floor Sweep

1 Lb High John Root Whole (ipomoea Jalapa)

Luck Oils

Fast Money Oil 4 Dram

Fast Luck Money Oil

.5 Oz Wealth Oil

Wealthy Way Oil 4 Dram

.5 Oz Lucky Lottery Oil

High john oil


Luck Candles

Fast Luck 7-day Jar Candle

Lucky Lottery 7-day Jar Candle

Money Drawing Green Jar Candle


Luck Mojo/Talisman/Objects

Fast Luck (chance Rapide) Mojo Bag

Change Your Luck Amulet

Good Luck Spell Pendant

Good Luck Spell Pendant

Buddhist 8 Lucky Symbol Necklace

Charms Of Luck Amulet



Osha Root (ligusticum Porteri) Whole 2oz

Alligator Claw

Green Velveteen Bag

Green Rice (1oz)

Green Lodestone



Lottery Number Dreambook By Original