Ideas for Valentines Day

For the romantics among you, hopeless/hopeful/hope-curious/without-hope/anti-hope and the smug, here are some magickal Valentine’s Day toys to help you play on the day…

Herbs for Valentines Day

Acacia – awakens love
Angelica Root – return love
Balm of Gilead – love potions
Cardamom – arousal
Cinnamon – desire
Cloves – to allure
Coriander – deepens love
Damiana – aphrodisiac
Elecampane – worn for attraction
Ginger – passion
Golden Rod – manifestation
Jasmine – sacred feminine
Ladies Mantle – amplify spell work *Have as a LOVERS Tea
Marshmallow Root – lust
Mint – desire Mullein – truth of love
Patchouli – seduction
Poppy Seeds – enchantment
Oak – divine masculine
Rose – universal symbol of love
Vervain – Lust & Love

Crystals for Valentines Day

Rose Quartz – Queen on love stones, unconditional love.
Malachite – heals the heart.
Rhodocrosite – healthy loving.
Aventurine – confidence, abundance.
Pink Smokey Quartz – induces love.
Pyrolucite – confidence.
Rhodonite – forgiveness.
Emerald – loyalty.
Pink Diamond – commitment.
Moonstone – divine femininity.
Red Jasper – virilty.
Garnet – potency, courage.
Pink Tourmaline – sexual energy.
Orange Carnelian – sacral chakra stimulation.
Shiva Lingham – unites male and female energy, awakens kundalini.

Be further inspired with the following articles, spells, potions, and treats for love in the sections below…..

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WARNING – Very strong love potion. Only use on someone you really want.

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